In today's rapidly changing business world, companies need to adapt and develop their processes and organizational structures quickly to stay competitive.

Celonis, a new generation process mining solution, enables users to manage all these changes and variables in the most efficient way possible and to develop existing structures for better results.

As a global Platinum SAP partner and certified Celonis partner, we provide our expert teams the support needed to maximize their potential.

Reach New Levels of Performance

Process mining creates an “X-ray” of a business process that helps you gain visibility and identify inefficiencies in core operations. Celonis follows four simple steps to help users manage all their processes in the most effective way possible.

  • Connects to all ERP, CRM, cloud, or third-party solutions in real time
  • Discovers all the data of the company and transformed into actionable data
  • Develops technologies that allows users to reduce risk in their processes and reduce bottlenecks
  • Tracks important KPIs, and compliance in real-time with the Celonis solution

Why Partner With Us?

Benefit from the advanced analytics and process optimization capabilities of Celonis and the deep understanding of IT and process solutions from NTT DATA. This partnership makes possible a comprehensive view of your processes – making them more efficient and productive.

The Celonis EMS is unique in its ability to uncover execution gaps, recommend the best ways to eliminate them, apply these recommendations and intelligently automate actions to drive higher efficiency and unlock massive value.

  • Maximize customers’ execution capacity
    • Leverage the Celonis EMS to eliminate all barriers to execution for every process across any industry. Ensure sustainable customer value and new revenue for your company.
  • Bolster and differentiate your business
    • Embed Celonis technology in your solutions to help your client's close execution gaps faster and more effectively than ever before. Accentuate your difference and showcase your expertise.
  • Capture new business opportunities
    • Combine your industry, process and business systems knowledge with leading Process Mining and Execution Management technology from Celonis, to offer new impactful services and create innovative and intelligent solutions for you.

Our expertise and Celonis Process Mining technology help you optimize operations and stay ahead of the competition.