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Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

Culture change, combined with implementing new technology, is one of the most difficult challenges leadership faces. This process requires a deep commitment to personal, organizational and technological change and a significant investment of both time and resources. Our EIAM approach merges business consulting expertise with integrated solutions and delivery options to improve your organization’s platforms, applications and data access controls. We combine applications for centralized ID service with an ABAC model and a centralized application access point.

Our Integrated Access Management solutions and consulting services drive successful ABAC adoption and implementation, changes in organizational behaviors and overall IAM effectiveness. We address business problems with technology-based solutions, including risk controls and compliance advisory services, data and analytics for data governance, organizational and change management processes, information security certifications and an integrated ABAC model.

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Simplify Access Management, Protect Your Organization

User credentials are often hackers’ favorite tools for breaching your network and as the business environment becomes more complex, network security threats only increase. Common problems include role explosion, role accumulation and application architecture brittleness.

How We Deliver Integrated Access Management

Our hands-on approach helps organizations prevent unauthorized access by employees and contractors to platforms, tools, and systems, and helps organizations protect employee, customer and institutional information while lowering costs, streamlining access management. By integrating access management technologies and risk controls with organizational change management expertise, IAM helps our clients avoid role explosion, skyrocketing operational costs, heightened security risks and regulatory non-compliance.


Focus on transitioning just a few key attributes for both the subject and the core attributes


Make incremental changes and testing frequently, so you can evolve policies and controls only after you’ve seen success


Identify easier-to-transition systems. We look for system owners who are open to a new model and help transition back-office systems


Embrace the DevOps model, so you can scale fast without losing control

Everest Group named us a Leader in the BFS Risk and Compliance IT Services PEAK Matrix Assessment. — July 2020

Our Services

ABAC Model

Use an integrated ABAC Model to mitigate risks and reduce threats to your organization.

Data Governance

Make sense of mass data sets and employ data and analytics governance at scale.

Information Security

Protect information, customers, and assets using information security certifications.

Organizational Change Management

Drive alignment and adoption with your team to create sustainable organizational change.

Risk Controls

Implement robust risk controls and comply with changing regulations using our compliance advisory services.

Enterprise Integrated Access Management