Elevate Health and Well-Being by Accelerating Digital Transformations

Disruptive innovation is essential in a healthcare ecosystem. Rapid scientific and technological advances, regulatory changes and shifting demographics all combine to create an environment of constant change. Without disruption, our health and well-being also suffer. As a result, it is essential to innovate to significantly elevate the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.

Stay ahead of the curve with our industry-leading consulting services, which enable healthcare providers, health plans and life sciences organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. Our highly experienced team of experts can help you provide human-centered, high-quality, accessible and affordable healthcare services and adopt better ways of developing personalized treatments that advance the welfare of all.

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Making Home the Focal Point for Care

Patient needs are driving hospital-at-home programs. As the home becomes the focal point of care, treatment becomes more cost-effective, accessible and better for the patient. Successful hospital-at-home programs, however need the appropriate resources, roles, organizational culture and reimbursement model.


Our Services

Business Resilience & Simplification

Evolve business and operating models to drive growth and improve performance by reducing costs, simplifying operations and innovating with partners.

Data-Driven Health

Empower data-driven actionable insights and rapid end-to-end process automation by applying analytics, AI and intelligent automation across the value chain.

Digital Health

Drive digital engagement to expand access, empower individuals, improve satisfaction and maximize revenue by humanizing experiences at every care touchpoint.

Systems Resilience & Trusted Platforms

Accelerate value with ecosystem platform strategies to improve resiliency by simplifying, securing and scaling data, applications and infrastructures.

Transformation Acceleration

Lead adaptive, executable strategic programs to achieve measurable bottom-line results by navigating complexity, seamlessly managing change and mitigating risks.

Workforce Resilience

Create hybrid digital workplaces to improve retention, productivity, flexibility and creativity by applying human-centered design and a friction-free employee experience.

Digital Transformation and
Cost-Effective Care

Our digital transformation solution for health plans combines
expert people, proven processes and cutting-edge technology
to drive human-centered, high-quality, accessible and affordable
health care services that advance health and well-being.


Everest Group named us a Leader in Healthcare Payer Digital Services, citing our business-first approach and end-to-end services. – January 2020

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Simplify your digital healthcare journey with Nucleus for Healthcare by NTT DATA, a singular platform for data integration, automation and AI.

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