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Launch a Customer-Driven Banking 4X Platform

Bank modernization is shifting. The introduction of Banking 4.0 shattered traditional industry boundaries and proved that today’s single most important driver of modernization is the customer and a reduction of ecosystem complexity. But in the era of Banking 4X (experience, efficiency. exponential value and end-to-end coverage), customers are demanding services invisibly embedded in their lifestyle, from seamless payments to hyper-personalized recommendations. Today, your customers are driving Banking 4X modernization—they are loyal to superior experiences and unafraid to shift to providers that exceed traditional standards.

Banking 4X delivers a unified banking experience that improves CX through integrated functionalities. At NTT DATA, we impart the business and technology expertise needed to modernize core product systems, reduce complexity, cut technology debt, increase flexibility and go to market with customer-centric products faster than ever. Our deep industry knowledge and advanced technologies help you delight customers and enhance operational efficiency.

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Ready Your Organization for Banking 4X

Banking 4X (experience, efficiency. exponential value and end-to-end coverage) demands Open X banking, a single customer-centric platform, and a robust ecosystem. Our business and technology experts and solutions give you the strategy and tools needed to go beyond Banking 4.0.

A Banking 4.0 platform isn’t enough to meet today’s modernization demands. READ THE EBOOK

Our Services

Customer Experience

Deliver a hyper-personalized customer journey using contextual data, UX design principles and integrated customer-centric banking products and services.

Data Monetization

Meet customer demands by selling products offered by you and third parties using a banking-domain-driven marketplace model and enterprise data.

Digitize the Core

Succeed at core platform modernization and seamlessly shift from slow legacy systems to new platforms and products with proven expertise.

Modern Operating Model

Build a powerful transformation strategy that imparts business intelligence and digital capabilities into operations, across technology, process, and people.

New Product and Platform Launch

Reimagine business agility using digital-first design thinking, process gap analysis, fintech ecosystems, alliance partner platforms and products and expert knowledge.

Operate to Transform

Enhance financial and operational efficiencies and accelerate innovation with AI-led production support and operations.

We are ranked #3 on the 2020 IDC FinTech Rankings Top 100. – October 2020