Offering Details

We support our clients on their specific path to continuous modernization, helping them achieve immediate benefits. By providing valuable insights into your application portfolio, we can help you to modernize successfully, achieving desired business outcomes.

Our AWS certified consultants help clients quickly migrate their workloads to AWS, minimizing IT disruption and other risks. Whether your applications require re-architecting, re-hosting or re-platforming, our UniKix technology, end-to-end approach, and proven methodology work in

tandem to lay a foundation for ongoing modernization that keeps you innovating at the speed of the market. With over 1,300 modernization projects worldwide, and a global team of expert practitioners, we can help.

Key Benefits

We help ensure a successful migration of legacy mainframe applications to AWS, transforming your application portfolio to optimize operations, grow agility, and drive innovation for the future.

  • Accelerate innovation with faster development cycles and DevOps best practices
  • Achieve continuous modernization of your application portfolio for greater efficiency and control
  • Assess current application use, dependencies and rules to unearth business value
  • Confidently handle new requirements such as cloud computing, mobility and virtualization
  • Drive transformation based on new functionality, user experience and business impact
  • Grow agility and meet evolving customer needs with modernized systems and workflows
  • Minimize disruption to IT operations in the migration process
  • Preserve existing application investments and extend cloud benefits to migrated assets
  • Realize up to 70% savings in IT infrastructure costs
  • Reduce human resource related risks
  • Rehost with confidence with our proprietary UniKix mainframe rehosting solution