Offering Details

Improve the user experience and deliver content quickly and securely globally with Amazon CloudFront. With the Amazon content delivery network, enterprises can vastly decrease server load and greatly improve performance, while speeding up content delivery by offering content to users from edge locations nearest them. As part of an integrated solution with other cloud native services like AWS Web Application Firewall, Amazon CloudFront empowers you to securely deliver static and dynamic content to end users. Address peaks and valleys in content demand and flawlessly support the performance needs of your customers with fast, stable and secure content delivery with Amazon CloudFront.

NTT DATA earned the AWS Service Validation for Amazon CloudFront Delivery. – November 2020

Key Benefits

Ensure users have highly available access to data, videos, applications and other content, regardless of their location.

  • Decrease response rates by moving applications closer to the user
  • Distribute securely a wide variety of content to users with built-in security at the edge
  • Fulfill requests for content faster with low latency, high communication speeds
  • Improve geodiversity by caching content in Amazon CloudFront’s many edge locations
  • Integrate easily with other cloud-native services
  • Learn more about your users with Amazon CloudFront logs
  • Scale content delivery with AWS multi-tier and regional edge caching

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