Launch by NTT DATA Announces Innovation Operating System

New offering enables enterprises to achieve sustained programmatic innovation to continuously source and scale new and novel solutions

PLANO, Texas – January 22, 2024 - NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services and its branded capability focused on accelerated digital experience design and engineering, Launch by NTT DATA, have unveiled a new Innovation Operating System (OS). The OS is a framework for continuous innovation that helps companies generate and evaluate breakthrough ideas and rapidly prototype, test, and scale promising concepts.

“Innovation OS is a distillation of what companies need to become trailblazers – to become great at invention,” said Tammy Soares, President, Launch by NTT DATA. “It’s hard for companies to even know what needs innovating. By removing roadblocks, we create a standardization and provide a fresh roadmap to enable clients to identify their most promising opportunities and ideas, leading to business breakthroughs and competitive edges.”

Today’s enterprises have a choice: innovate -- or stagnate and lose market share. According to NTT DATA’s Innovation Index, 96% of participants said innovation is a primary source of growth for their enterprise. Yet only 21% of those surveyed say they are meeting innovation goals. Enterprises need a way to establish a culture and operating system for excelling at continuous innovation.

Innovation OS brings together the framework, roadmap, and tool set needed to prepare organizations for enterprise-level innovation. Innovation OS helps companies identify blind spots, weak systems, and strategic errors holding them back. It provides an infrastructure for working, a guided pathway for each segment of the innovation process, and establishes management, collaboration, and communication ground rules that promote momentum.

Companies from energy to automotive have turned to Launch by NTT DATA to help design, build, optimize, and launch initiatives.

Learn more about Innovation OS from Launch by NTT DATA here.

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