NTT DATA Employees Selected as 2023 AWS Ambassadors

Three employees in Japan recognized for outstanding technical expertise and leadership in AWS

TOKYO – June 19, 2023 – NTT DATA employees Kohei Kawabata and Yasuaki Okumura and Irene Aguilar Rubio of NTT DATA EMEAL have been selected as "2023 AWS Ambassadors" by the AWS Partner Network (APN), the global partner program offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). As AWS Ambassadors, they will be responsible for disseminating information about their technical skills and cloud knowledge. As of June 2023, NTT DATA will have a total of seven AWS Ambassadors globally. This is one of the highest levels among globally operating companies.

Going forward, NTT DATA will coordinate with AWS in a wide range of fields, providing technical expertise to its group companies in Japan and overseas.

2023 AWS Ambassadors

NTT DATA Initiatives for AWS

NTT DATA (NTT DATA Corporation) has two main initiatives for AWS to support its customers’ business operations.

  • Providing customers with system building, operation, and maintenance as an AWS Premier Tier Service Partner
    Since joining the APN program in 2012, NTT DATA has provided clients with services to build, operate, and maintain enterprise systems on AWS requiring varied configurations, high reliability, and high security. In 2017, NTT DATA was recognized as an AWS Premier Tier Service Partner, achieved a certain level of success with AWS and has an extensive track record and a large number of certified technical consultants, within APN.

  • Strategic collaboration with AWS
    NTT DATA began a strategic collaboration with AWS on January 1, 2022, aimed at promoting digital businesses in Japan utilizing cloud services. This collaboration is accelerating digital transformation (DX) for clients by strengthening structures supporting DX, developing new services utilizing AWS, and supporting human resource development and R&D.

See this press release for further information on the strategic collaboration with AWS.

Future plans

Going forward, focusing on the strategic collaboration with AWS, NTT DATA will continue to pursue cooperation in a wide range of fields, and disseminate this technical expertise worldwide, including at NTT DATA Group companies in Japan and overseas. Through development of highly skilled human resources, including certified employees and application development engineers for cloud native technologies, NTT DATA aims to increase the number of AWS cloud personnel within NTT DATA Group in Japan to 5,000 persons by the end of fiscal 2024, supporting the DX initiatives of clients.


NTT DATA AWS Ambassadors (as of June 2023)

See details about the AWS Ambassador Partner Program

Significance of selection as an AWS Ambassador

Selection as an AWS Ambassador is an evaluation axis for external communication, technical lead for large-scale projects, demonstrated development of solutions and products, contributions to the APN program, and the number of persons acquiring AWS certification. Selected personnel have extensive knowledge and technical expertise in AWS, with demonstrated high levels of activity regarding these evaluation axes.

About the Global Cloud Architect Community

NTT DATA develops top engineers proficient in AWS and other cloud services to create an elite internal community of experts called the Global Cloud Architect Community (Global CAC). Global CAC members serve as top engineers for cloud services at NTT DATA throughout the world. All the certified AWS Ambassadors at NTT DATA are members of Global CAC, making a concerted effort to raise the overall level of service in the cloud domain.

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