NTT Powers Enhanced Experience for INDYCAR Fans with Predictive Analytics

  • Data-driven insights and predictions powered by NTT’s Smart Solutions provided in real time including head-to-head overtaking and pit predictions
  • More than 140 sensors on each car will collect an estimated eight billion data points, fueling predictive technology to give insights to fans through social media platforms
  • NTT transforms Indianapolis Motor Speedway into Smart Venue, improving experience and supporting operations ahead of largest spectator sporting event since onset of pandemic

Indianapolis – May 19, 2022NTT, a global technology and business solutions provider and Fortune Global 100 company, in partnership with Penske Entertainment is announcing an enhanced, more immersive experience for INDYCAR fans in time for the highly anticipated 106th running of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, May 29. NTT has gathered millions of data points from prior seasons and the first five events of the NTT INDYCAR SERIES utilizing its data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twin capabilities to deliver more in-depth, real-time and predictive insights.

NTT provides fans with data-driven predictions, ranging from the best overtake opportunities to how pit and fuel strategies will play out during a race. NTT INDYCAR SERIES fans can access these predictive analytics for the entire season by following the NTT INDYCAR SERIES social media channels, where insights will be displayed during races including the upcoming Indianapolis 500. In addition, NTT will continue supplying these insights and analytics to NBC’s production team with plans underway for broadcast inclusion as the season moves forward.

“Fans are the lifeblood of our series,” said Mark Miles, CEO of Penske Entertainment. “INDYCAR will continue investing in the incredible technology that brings fans closer to the action and we have a great partner with NTT. They are consistently bringing forward new innovations to help us engage a global audience. Last year, we saw fan engagement increase at an unprecedented rate. We hope to continue on that trajectory with the help of NTT.”

Data-driven insights put fans in the driver’s seat

NTT helps INDYCAR and its partners leverage real-time data to provide fans with context and additional insight into the complex aspects that determine how an event is unfolding. The INDYCAR Data Insights powered by NTT takes fans beyond the cars going around the track and gives them a real understanding of what is happening and why.

Those insights include:

  • Race strategies and predictions
  • Intercepts and battles for position
  • Pit stop performance impact
  • Effects of fuel levels and tire wear

To accomplish this, NTT creates a digital twin for every car. A digital twin uses historical data as a foundation to mirror a physical object, like a car. Each car has more than 140 sensors collecting millions of data points during the race, which are fed into the digital twin to produce predictions based on historical performance and real-time conditions. As the longest race of the season with 500 miles/200 laps of competition, the Indy 500 will yield more data than any other race, with more than eight billion data points collected. This allows NTT to predict race strategy with a high level of accuracy using AI and predictive analytics, giving an insider’s view of what is happening on the track, and forecasts that - until now - only a race team engineer would have known.

“We’ve leveled up the interactive experience for fans with actual digital twins of each racecar and more predictive analytics, so INDYCAR fans can feel as close to the driver’s seat as possible,” said Eric Clark, Chief Digital Officer, NTT DATA Services. “For us, this 106th running of the Indianapolis 500 is an exciting milestone in an already engaging season. We look forward to bringing more innovation and leading-edge digital technology to our friends at Penske Entertainment so they may continue to reach new heights in one of the largest and longest running traditions in sports.”

Smooth operations drive better business outcomes

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the world’s largest sports venue with capacity to host crowds in excess of 350,000, has been transformed into a Smart Venue using NTT’s Smart Solutions, improving the visitor experience for attendees and employees alike. Operations and security teams have improved visibility into current and possible scenarios with digital twin technology, as well as AI-enabled optical detection providing real-time view of the venue, including visitor and vehicle traffic flow and congestion, they’re able to optimize resources in real time and make faster, data-driven decisions. NTT’s Smart Solutions also benefit fans through the IMS Mobile App, which updates predictions of gate entry wait times and peak traffic areas every 30 seconds to allow fans to better plan their entry into the venue.

NTT’s Smart Solutions are repeatable and have applications in several industries, such as public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. They were initially conceived to enhance public safety in the City of Las Vegas in 2018. Since then, they have also adapted to track usage and occupancy in parks and beyond and with implementations by other clients in several industries – including universities, airports, and transit agencies for traffic and operations, passenger safety, trip planning and beyond. For more information about the work NTT is doing with Penske Entertainment and the NTT INDYCAR SERIES, check out the full case study.

“NTT delivers co-innovation with our clients every day and the work we’re doing with INDYCAR is a perfect example of this,” said Peter Cutts, Chief Advisory & Innovation Officer, NTT Ltd. “The interconnected digital backbone and platform NTT developed for INDYCAR leverages new and emerging technologies that enable INDYCAR to push the envelope by reaching new audiences and changing the way fans engage in sport. The applications for this disruptive business model are limitless and can be applied to other industries such as connected cities, healthcare, manufacturing facilities and beyond.”

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NTT became the title sponsor of the NTT INDYCAR SERIES at the start of the 2019 season and is the Official Technology Partner of INDYCAR, the NTT INDYCAR SERIES, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indianapolis 500 and the NASCAR doubleheader weekend. NTT’s subsidiaries NTT Ltd. and NTT DATA play a key role in supporting the sponsorship in North America through developing and implementing the technology to advance the race experience.

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