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An IT Foundation to Build On

KB Home needed to boost operational efficiency, flexibility and agility so it could continuously respond to customer demand.

KB Home partners with NTT DATA to manage IT infrastructure services—covering data center and help desk operations, security, servers, networking and messaging—so staff can focus on the core business.

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Business Needs


  • Improves customer offerings
  • Boosts agility in meeting dynamic requirements
  • Increases efficiency, insights and cost savings
  • Simplifies innovation and reduces risk
  • Protects business from cybercrime
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“Optimization is all about scalability. By working with NTT DATA, I can procure what I need, when I need it, without having to make large upfront investments, so my business can operate effectively, efficiently and productively.”

Greg Moore, Vice President and CIO KB Home


About KB Home

KB Home drives growth and innovation by improving its customer offerings, efficiency, business insight and security using IT services from NTT DATA.

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