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Transforming information into actionable intelligence for better decision making

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Information and Insights That Drive Success

Expectations have moved beyond being a data-driven business. Today, it’s more about the ability to transform information into actionable intelligence that leads to better business decisions. Implementing efficient collection, storage, management, analysis and data-sharing processes can deliver better insights and improve decision-making. With tools that capture data from both operational performance and constituents’ feedback, you can access a wealth of information, analyze it and implement process, policy and program improvements.

As a global top 10 system integrator with over 15 years of business analytics innovation, we have the expertise to implement technology-agnostic data analytics and information management solutions that drive results. Our public sector knowledge coupled with end-to-end data capabilities and accelerators that speed engagement delivery provide a flexible and efficient path to value. We can help you increase efficiencies by breaking down information silos, improving data quality, building a content ecosystem and extracting intelligence from the information you collect.

Better Data, Better Decisions, Actionable Intelligence

Transform information into actionable intelligence so you can make better decisions.


Make more informed business decisions through predictive analytics, supporting innovation when and where you need it


Analyze huge data volumes and less structured forms of information, such as social media, email, sensors or photography


With better, more informed decisions across your agency, you’ll foster growth and improve customer relations

We have over 50 years of public sector experience serving federal, state and local agencies.

Our Services

Big Data

We help you securely get the most value from your big data’s four Vs — volume, velocity, variety and veracity.

Business Intelligence

Leverage our expertise in BI strategy and consulting, key performance indicator measurements and data visualization, reporting and analytics and information delivery.

Data Analytics

We provide the tools to unlock value from data you already have so you can optimize operations locally, nationally or globally.

Data Warehousing

Seamlessly integrate data from disparate sources into one version of the truth, resulting in faster decisions and reduced cost and risk.

Information Management

Make the most of all your information assets by assessing present and future information needs throughout your organization.

Data Analytics & Information Management for Government