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The digital shift to telework coupled with aging systems and infrastructure has magnified threats and increased the need for security. As quickly as you can implement new IT security measures, you can be sure hackers and other malicious actors are developing new ways to circumvent them. Security threats are increasing in frequency and potency. Government is a prime target. Now more than ever, you need simplified, standardized, future-ready enterprise security environments. We can help you continually innovate to keep ahead of nefarious threats.

Securing systems through zero trust approaches, DevSecOps, automated security controls & compliance, advanced data and cloud security form the foundation of protection solutions. Our cybersecurity research and development efforts span everything from attribute-based access control to NIST 800-53. Our team explores cutting edge approaches by delving into quantum security, threat intelligence to augment our Attribute Based Access Control and compliance automation solutions.

Protect Your Enterprise

Protecting your enterprise requires a holistic approach to
cybersecurity. Threats don’t always come from the outside.
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Our Services

Application Security

Combine elements of application testing and technical consulting to improve the maturity of your software development lifecycle and application security posture.


Cloud Security

Leverage security frameworks, data protection and security infrastructure—no matter where you are on your cloud journey.

Cybersecurity Innovation

Protect your enterprise with the latest controls, tools and solutions while benefitting from the experience of our R&D cyber experts.

Data Security

Secure, control and manage information security at rest, in motion, in transit while tracking user behavior analytics, protecting sensitive data and deploying encryption.

Government Risk & Compliance

Understand current risk exposure and impacts of regulatory FISMA compliance (NIST RMF, 800-53, FIPS 199/200, FedRAMP, SSP) and ensure sustainable security projects and investments.


Identity & Access Management

Secure business transformation through digital identity management and ensure appropriate access to resources.


Incident Response, Forensics & Remediation

Minimize incident impact and costs and proactively protect data by preventing further incidents through intelligent adaptation.


Network, Endpoint IoT & Operational Technology Security

Design processes, leverage services and technology to improve your security posture for network, endpoints IoT and OT by adopting zero trust network approaches.


Threat & Vulnerability Management

Secure your organization by recognizing and managing vulnerabilities through analysis, simulations and mitigation strategies.

digital monuments

People, processes and training. NTT DATA’s Public Sector CTO Shamlan Siddiqi discusses the key steps to strengthen your security program.


Our team has more than 3,000 security professionals in the U.S. alone, providing specialized cybersecurity services for a diverse portfolio of federal, state, local, education and Fortune 500 commercial clients.

Cybersecurity Services for Government