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Benefit from R&D that spans everything from attribute-based encryption to NIST 800-53 and IEC 62443

Our Zero Trust approach enables your mission goals and keeps the enterprise secure.

  • Zero Trust takes cybersecurity to the next level and mitigates over 90% of cybersecurity risks.
  • Monitoring, authentication and authorization are fundamental to our zero trust solutions.

Our cybersecurity services help protect everything from critical government assets to the infrastructure that you need to support your mission.

Cybersecurity Innovation

  • Zero Trust Application Framework
  • R&D Investment and Labs
  • Attribute Based Encryption (ABE)
  • Post-Quantum Encryption

Zero Trust Application Framework

Our innovative, proprietary development framework helps enterprise applications achieve zero trust architecture (ZTA) as described in NIST SP 800-204 a, b, c. Our framework addresses the seven tenets of NIST SP 800-207 and provides a foundation for building cloud-ready zero trust applications. Our framework helps implement all policy points (including PDP & PEP).

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R&D Investment and Labs

Proprietary solutions and research developed from our seven R&D Labs such as the Physics and Informatics (PHI) Lab, the Cryptography & Information Security (CIS) Lab, and the Medical Informatics (MEI) Lab, together with client collaborations enable us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to mission problems for our clients.


Attribute Based Encryption (ABE)

ABE is an innovative method of encryption that provides lifetime protection imbedded with the encrypted data/file no matter where it is moved or stored. This approach is system and cloud agnostic providing multi-cloud or hybrid cloud ability while avoiding vendor lock-in. Using attributes that automate the dissemination of information, this gets the right info to the right entity. ABE makes it easier and more secure to access on or off-line classified data across domains.


Post-Quantum Encryption

Our affiliate, NTT Research, is advancing groundbreaking encryption technologies. The Cryptography & Information Security (CIS) Lab has made advances in post-quantum cryptography technology.

These advances are being incorporated into our Zero Trust Application Framework, which will ultimately provide the government with encryption that can withstand quantum computer decryption.


Effective cybersecurity includes proactive defense and effective incident management. Cyber Hygiene mitigates risks, manages incidents and ensures defensive systems work as intended.

  • We deploy Cyber Hygiene strategies for consistent routines, multi-layered practices, and effective cybersecurity systems and tools.
  • Our advisory, assessment and testing services evaluate your infrastructure, policies and practices to lower risk and resolve incidents.
  • Collaboration on cybersecurity strategies is critical for operational effectiveness and mission success.

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