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Transform for a Better Customer Experience

Dynamic growth in the voluntary benefits marketplace makes it a challenge to run a worksite/voluntary benefits business. With the recent shift in responsibility from employers who offer and pay for benefits to consumers who select and pay for benefits themselves, broadening your capabilities to respond more effectively to customers’ needs is essential for success. To support this shift, you need to expand your management and billing capabilities. We can help. As one of the first companies to support worksite products, we have more than 1,000 banking and insurance consultants working with clients.

We can support your group, worksite or voluntary benefits business with technology, outsourcing and third-party administration services, whether you’re a broker, carrier, employer or health information exchange administrator. With our comprehensive billing solution, ComBill, you can streamline benefit invoicing and reconciliation from multiple carriers, including insurance and non-insurance products. Meet the growing range of benefits demanded by employees and consumers from critical illness and short-term disability to life insurance with our best-in-class products and services.

Key Benefits

With flexible, agile systems that deliver a faster return on investment, we help you align your digital business goals and minimize risk with the right combination of digital and management resources.

Offering Details

ComBill is our innovative billing solution and the center of our voluntary and group benefits offer. By delivering a single consolidated bill for multiple products or services, along with reconciliation and member maintenance services.

We tailor this to your unique needs. You will combine products administered on separate systems into a single bill, and get a clean premium reconciliation file to load into each system. You will process customer eligibility files.

In most formats and match billing fields, and reconcile data on a product level and create reconciliation files to match needs. And you will track an individual member’s billing information.

We support third-party administration of more than 2.5 million insurance policies and over $4B in premiums annually.