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Product Development With a Competitive Advantage

In a rapidly changing market, releasing new products that attract and retain customers can help you gain higher market share. But you risk losing these business opportunities when attempts to advance product development initiatives are constrained by limited legacy system functionality, insufficient internal resources or high modernization costs. Perpetuating outdated processes that result in delayed product releases can interfere with your ability to compete successfully. We can help you bring new products to market faster and less expensive.

Our experts deliver fully packaged, flexible and customized options that can put you ahead of the competition. You retain control of underwriting and claims decisions, while we deliver claims and new business processing as well as in-force administration on your behalf with LifeSys™, our innovative platform that increases product functionality and reduces implementation costs.

Key Benefits

Replace outdated systems and processes with more efficient options that reduce time to market and related costs to attract and retain customers.

Offering Details

Because the nature of outsourcing is changing, we can help you manage increasing costs and complexity. Our automation solutions help you use employees more effectively by shifting them away from repetitive, labor-intensive tasks. This automation of processes can help you complete these tasks

quickly and consistently, which allows your employees to focus on business-critical activities. Specifically, our award-winning Automated Full-Time Equivalent (AFTE) robotic process automation tool will streamline work processes, reduce errors and boost scalability. This solution achieves automation

with advanced methods and tools including automation solutions, an AFTE Command Center, systems monitoring and automation services, and our Universal Test Automation Framework. See how our expertise can help your business grow.

We help streamline configuration, development and testing on our LifeSys™ rules-based product engine.