Offering Details

Digital distribution begins with providing customers and agents anywhere, anytime access to relevant information. But that’s just the beginning. Digital distributors incorporate straight through processing wherever possible and seamlessly share information across the enterprise. This accelerates underwriting, streamlines new business closings and facilitates ongoing communication with agents and policyholders. Our Insurance Accelerator Portal Solution for Salesforce improves access to critical data for insurance producers, brokers and agents,

while responsive development captures and shares data across channels and devices. Our mobile and responsive insurance IP and accelerators set the stage for agent and customer digital experience transformation. Our insurance value chain digitization places a measurable customer value at the center of your business. We help you optimize your insurance value chain to remove sources of friction and fulfill customer needs first. To do this, we help you understand the strengths, weaknesses and interdependencies within your value chain and identify

opportunities to digitize previously manual steps. Next, we help you optimize business operations and processes by re-engineering critical business processes. You will outsource non-differentiating business processes and align business process and operating model adjustments with your overarching digital strategy. Our offerings include: insurance transformation processes, people and organizational change, business process outsourcing, integrated insurance services, claims transformation, shared services and Business Process as a Service.

Key Benefits

Starting with a thoughtfully developed digital strategy, we help you examine, optimize and align digital capabilities with your insurance business model.

  • Streamlined data sharing accelerates critical business tasks and facilitates communication
  • Integration and optimization of the value chain helps to maintain a customer-centric focus
  • Optimize your insurance value chain to remove sources of customer friction
  • Outsource business processes and align your operating model to a digital strategy