The Cost of Customer Friction

Today’s savvy customer expects to do business without the frustration associated with long hold times, repetitive questions or inconsistency. Healthcare consumers are no exception. Whether they are a health plan member or a patient in a provider setting, processes that hinder the experience can drive them away. To help you better understand this, NTT DATA has released new findings in two studies with insight into how friction plays a role in healthcare.

Did you know that friction in the scheduling process will send a patient to a different provider? Or that friction plays a critical role in the Medicare plan a member will choose? Explore this research and look into our Customer Friction Factor℠ Assessment service. With experts in both healthcare and digitization, we are uniquely qualified to help you identify and remove friction from the customer experience.

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The Experience Advantage: Ensure Your Health Plan Makes the Grade

With dozens of Medicare plans to choose from, Baby Boomers don’t have to tolerate friction when shopping—they can just move on to the next option. A new white paper, “A Silver Tsunami Is Spurring Improvements in the Medicare Advantage Shopping Experience,” explores the friction factors experienced at 42 health plans. The report notes a large disparity between the best customer experience and the worst; see how that disparity opens an opportunity for plans to emerge as market leaders.

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Schedule with Care: Set the Tone for the Entire Patient Experience

The customer experience is crucial in healthcare, affecting your patients’ outcomes and your own competitiveness. This is explored in new NTT DATA research. “Is the Friction in Your Processes Sending Your Patients to Other Providers?” The report looks specifically at scheduling, because that interaction can set the tone for the entire patient experience. With research that shows 55 percent of U.S. adults are likely to abandon their online transaction if they can’t find quick answers, providers who don’t reduce friction may find themselves on the losing end.

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Don't let consumers leave in frustration. Our Customer Friction Factor service helps to deliver the best in experience.


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