Moving Data Analytics to the Cloud: Things to Consider

Are you migrating from IBM Netezza to Snowflake? Join experts from ESG, NTT DATA and Snowflake as they offer insights on a successful migration.


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Snowflake opens a world of innovation driven by data analytics in the cloud, streamlined processes and so much more. Our webinar explores how organizations can make the move from IBM Netezza to Snowflake a painless process.

Stephen Catanzano, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, Anthony Bulk, data and intelligence director at NTT DATA, and Tom Manfredi, Snowflake senior sales engineer, share industry use cases and demonstrate the long-term benefits of Snowflake considering the need to be data-driven today – and tomorrow.

Learn how to leverage the vast experience of NTT DATA and Snowflake. Watch the webinar now.

What You”ll Learn:

NTT DATA’s proven migration process:

  • Stage 1. Analysis and tooling: understanding the past.
  • Stage 2. Migration and validation: migrating for the present.
  • Stage 3. Modernization and innovation: building for the future.

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