Visualizing Health: Clinical Data and AI for Insights in Life Sciences

NTT DATA’s webinar “Visualizing Health: Clinical Data and AI for Insights in Life Sciences” explores how real-world data, automation, and artificial intelligence can create more data-driven project use cases.



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With trials of innovative solutions, you can rapidly produce a deeper understanding of the efficacy and optimization of potential therapies. But existing pathways face three major challenges: fluctuating data quality, low internal validity and data privacy issues.

NTT DATA, with expertise in data security and interoperability, hosts a panel of healthcare and life science experts in data access, data science and AI technologies who have tackled these challenges to allow their clients to rapidly engage in more use cases of data-driven projects.

Leaders from NTT DATA, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Rhino Health and Graticule share how to access real-world data (RWD) today – without significant investment and security risk.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why valuable imaging data is instrumental in clinical data completeness and life sciences insights
  • How shortfalls in RWD quality can impact accuracy and introduce unintended bias when combining complex record formats, differing collection processes and incongruous access protocols
  • What solutions can leverage RWD cooperatively, to add automation and artificial intelligence, simplify access to larger datasets, minimize bias and inaccuracy, and speed R&D outcomes

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