Center Initiatives

NTT DATA Group is working with the World Economic Forum across three Center Initiatives. These are:

The Center for Nature & Climate

NTT DATA Group will engage and work with the Center for Nature and Climate, specifically to consider regenerative agriculture and food innovation.

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Value Chains

NTT DATA Group will engage and work with the Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Value Chains. We’ll be focused on helping to accelerate inclusive technology adoption, stimulate innovation, as well as help multiple stakeholders fulfil their social and environmental responsibility, all this without forgetting our clients’ ambitious business performance targets.

The Center for Urban Transformation

NTT DATA Group will engage and work with the Center for Urban Transformation. We’ll be focused on helping to advance public-private collaboration creating a more citizen centric mobility, enabling more resilient, future-ready communities and local economies.

Meet our Delegates

Yo Honma
Yo HonmaNTT DATA Group Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

We have commenced our relationship with the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a partner since October 2023, and this is our first time participating in the Davos Annual Meeting. We have now become a global company with offices in more than 50 countries and regions. As a partner, we’ve taken the opportunity to work with the WEF on a range of initiatives, leveraging our global network and our knowledge, experience and capabilities.

The main theme of the Davos Annual Meeting 24 is “Rebuilding Trust”. NTT DATA believes that trust is the foundation of human interaction and positive societal structures, the antidote to uncertainty and conflict.

Businesses can rise to become trust leaders through their actions, communications, and collaborations. Trust is not only a business imperative, it also helps to strengthen community relations and create powerful innovations that contribute to addressing some of the world’s key challenges.

As a Trusted Global Innovator, committed to these values, we pledge to work closely with our clients, partners, employees, and stakeholders, upholding our promise to build a more trusting and connected society.

Abhijit Dubey
Abhijit DubeyGlobal Chief Executive Officer, NTT Ltd

The World Economic Forum helps address many important and critical global challenges through its work with global organizations. NTT DATA Group’s contributions to WEF communities, extends across three core initiatives:

  • Urban Transformation
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains
  • Nature and Climate

Independently of our partnership with the WEF, we’ve been involved in a huge array of work related to all three areas - from extensive research into soil regeneration, to providing new mobility solutions as part of urban transformation projects.

We believe the expertise we’ve gained in these areas through decades of work completed with clients will ensure we’re able to make highly valuable contributions to the WEF communities.

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