Innovation Index: Digital Strategies for an Era of Constant Disruption

New research shows 77% of organizations are not prepared for continued disruption. Get the findings that highlight digital strategies industry leaders are using to overcome challenges.

What You’ll Learn

  • 60% are unprepared for the pace of technology change, and nearly half still view innovation as a “nice to have” rather than critical for survival
  • 66% say customer experience is a top priority but a only 16% identified employee engagement and retention as a focus area
  • Executives are heavily investing in cybersecurity, CRM and cloud, but many emerging technologies still lag in investment, despite high expectations
  • 67% believe managing data keeps getting harder and cite regulatory challenges as a barrier for effective data use

Download the first annual Innovation Index now to explore how business and IT executives across 16 industries are prioritizing digital investments to remake their strategy and operations.

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