Core Banking Modernization Accelerators

A new toolset to reduce risk and deliver faster results

NTT DATA is already guiding 12 international banks through their modernization journey, delivering outcomes and accelerating cloud projects. Learn how you can:

  • Digitize core systems, driving next-generation, cloud-based banking through high performance design patterns.
  • Deliver parameterized, configuration-driven solutions that provide an alternate, less disruptive path for a bank’s modernization journey.
  • Deploy a cloud-based, modern operating model enables next-generation platforms to power innovation and address a bank’s most pressing needs while delivering impactful return on investment.

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Our Toolset

Transformation Manager
Creates a strategic app roadmap to reduce manual efforts and project timelines

Migrates the mainframe and secondary apps to a virtualized data center or public cloud

Application Re-Architecture
Transforms legacy applications through reengineering

Data Cataloger
Analyzes all e source objects needed for data migration

Data Migrator
Migrates data from source to destination seamlessly

Data Validator
Validates the data migrated

Provides a framework for repeatable processes, architectures and governance models

Platea Banking
Brings our assets, partnerships and integration expertise to every step of the modernization journey

Ensures the best fit for apps in the cloud using automation