2023 Cloud Data Platform Benchmark & Analysis

This is the third year our data experts have conducted a rigorous benchmark analysis on the warehouse workload capabilities of today’s leading cloud data platforms: Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics, Databricks, Google BigQuery and Snowflake.

Cloud data bench marking graphic

Our experts have spent more than 400 hours researching to provide you with a solid framework to evaluate players and begin making business decisions. Leaning on a reputation for vendor-neutrality and a well-defined rubric, this research clearly lays out conclusions and scores the platforms across usability, technical and business dimensions.

Take a deeper dive into our Cloud Data Platform Benchmark & Analysis with our experts who provide guidance and practical hands-on data expertise for your specific use case.

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The Findings

Our research provides a comprehensive performance benchmarking and cost analysis of each platform for similar configurations.

Out of a maximum possible score of 165, five major platforms were systematically reviewed across three dimensions:

  • Usability: Simplicity/Self Serve | True SaaS | Structured and semi-structured data support | Low/No Management
  • Technical: Architecture | Security | Elasticity | SQL Compatibility | Data Sharing
  • Business: Cost Controls | Roadmap | Enterprise Deployments | OEM Network

Full Research Basis

Cloud Data benchmarking chart