Worldwide Manufacturing & Industrial Machinery Company Modernizes on Cloud Data Platform

This company sought to improve its data platform's speed, scale and sustainability to respond to evolving business needs and deliver data products faster and more efficiently.

With the help of NTT DATA, the company was able to migrate from an on-premises Oracle data warehouse and Informatica ETL environment to Snowflake's Data Cloud with Matillion ELT and Qlik Replicate on AWS.

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Business Needs

By developing innovative equipment and machinery for electrical power generation, a leading manufacturing and industrial machinery company empowers its customers by maximizing availability, reliability and value throughout an equipment's life cycle. To meet evolving business needs and deliver advanced data-driven solutions, it turned to NTT DATA Cloud Transformation services to modernize its data architecture.

The goal was to transform a data infrastructure to the Snowflake Data Cloud, Matillion ELT and the Qlik Replicate Data Integration Platform—all hosted on AWS. The modernized architecture would deliver an extensible technology stack that unites data sources, management and analytics tools for greater agility, scale and sustainability.


  • Generates detailed assessment and documentation outlining the current solution landscape, target architecture, capacity planning, configuration, cost modeling, implementation and migration
  • Defines the end state of the data and analytics platform on Snowflake and Matillion
  • Modernizes the overall technology stack, validates architecture and enhances existing tools to better align with client needs
  • Migrates 3,000 Oracle tables, 42 data sources, 4,002 Informatica and Alteryx mappings, and 2,350 Tableau and Cognos reports in five months
  • Proposes recommendations and shares best practices and documentation


A successful journey begins with a roadmap

Together, they collaborated throughout the cloud transformation journey by identifying the shared goals of multiple stakeholders and designing a roadmap to connect the dots from strategy to execution. That roadmap encompassed several phases:

  • Discover: Worked with key stakeholders to assess migration requirements, source systems, dashboards, DataOps, data pipelines and more.
  • Design: Documented the current environment and the desired outcomes for the future state solution.
  • Develop: Collaborated on design sessions and workshops to align with the company's vision and agreed-upon goals.
  • Deliver: Created a tailored experience for the company that included the architecture for the future state design, job migration plans, data pipeline designs, best practices and a migration timeline/cost review.

Data transformed for speed, simplicity and scalability

NTT DATA applied several of its Data Architecture & Integration  capabilities to design and deploy a new data platform.

It migrated an on-premises Oracle data warehouse to the Snowflake Data Cloud. Snowflake's multi-cluster shared data architecture empowers the company with on-demand scale and performance to load data instantly and simultaneously run multiple workloads on that data. The data cloud also provides automation capabilities for platform management, performance optimization, data sharing, security and governance.

The migration team chose a combination of Matillion and Qlik Replicate to replace the on-premises Informatica ETL environment. Matillion is architected for the cloud and natively integrates with Snowflake. In addition, it supports many pre-built data source connectors that simplify extraction from frequently used data sources and quickly load that into the data warehouse. Qlik Replicate also provides synchronization with several on-premises data sources, including Oracle and SQL Server.

The combination of integration solutions enables the company to operationalize that data efficiently and accelerate business value.

Thanks to their close collaboration and planning, architecture modernization was completed in under five months. In the process, they migrated 3,000 Oracle tables, 42 data sources, 4,002 Informatica and Alteryx mappings and 2,350 Tableau and Cognos reports.

This cloud transformation improves and simplifies data management while reducing data load times and data latency. In addition, the transformation broadens the scope of the cloud-based data sources while cost effectively giving it on-demand scale and performance for data warehousing.

As a result of its modernization effort, the company now has an agile, sustainable cloud data platform to power compelling business insights and drive continued growth.

About Worldwide Manufacturing and Industrial Machinery Company 

A worldwide industrial machinery manufacturer transforms its data architecture by migrating to the cloud.





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