To keep pace with the changing expectations of its members and employees, this U.S. credit union continually evolves its digital transformation roadmap to focus on core values of service, integrity and community while meeting industry requirements for compliance and risk management.

As the credit union’s trusted ServiceNow partner for several years, NTT DATA worked with the organization to deploy and extend ServiceNow capabilities such as AI-enabled self-service, predictive intelligence, automated service scheduling and risk management to help the credit union reach its goals.

Business Needs

The rapidly evolving financial industry demands that banks and credit unions pursue ongoing digital transformation. As an early investor in digital tools, this U.S. credit union continues to reap the rewards of its IT investments, delivering an award-winning member experience to its 12 million members and securing its multi-year placement as one of the Fortune 100 “Best Companies to Work For.”

To develop the digital innovation and agility required to foster its long-term success, the credit union partnered with NTT DATA, a ServiceNow Elite Partner, to create a multi-year ServiceNow strategic roadmap to improve audit readiness, reduce risk, and revamp the experiences of employees and members alike. With notable outcomes already banked, the credit union wanted to leverage its success by expanding transformations across the organization, with adjustments based on evolving needs and requirements.


  • Deploys Virtual Agent for AI-enabled 24x7 self-service
  • Advances service delivery with predictive intelligence
  • Reduces ticket resolution time by several hours with Now Mobile
  • Improves on-call scheduling
  • Automates risk and incident management
  • Improves security threat response with SOAR platform


The credit union chose NTT DATA for its consultancy expertise with the ServiceNow platform. Together, the teams partnered to design and continually revise a strategic roadmap of ServiceNow implementations to create immediate ROI and long-term success. They supported each implementation with organizational change management, including knowledge transfer, training and guidance to support self-sustaining capabilities.

Virtual Agent and predictive intelligence modernize ITSM

The credit union’s first ServiceNow projects the focused on ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Business Management (ITBM) platforms as the foundation for extensions into risk management, Security Operations (SecOps) and IT Asset Management (ITAM).

With its ITSM and ITBM platforms firmly established, the next transformation was to deploy a more mature implementation of service management that included artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation. ServiceNow’s approach to AI and ML — Now Intelligence — includes a set of frameworks that automate repetitive tasks and make predictions and recommendations.

The credit union deployed ServiceNow Agent Workspace and its Virtual Agent services, an automated conversational chatbot that supports employees with 24x7 self-service. For ServiceNow clients, Virtual Agent’s platform-native AI, ML and natural language chatbots can boost productivity by as much as 30%, automating up to 20% of IT support services and enabling the credit union’s service agents to triage, collaborate and resolve incidents faster.

Further, the Agent Workspace integrates predictive intelligence capabilities. Predictive intelligence operates in the context of existing ServiceNow data and workflows across service-focused departments such as IT, HR and customer service.

The predictive intelligence framework helps to accurately categorize, assign and prioritize incoming requests at scale with the benefit of analytics to understand patterns and measure service trends over time. The system also recommends content to resolve incidents. The net result is that trouble tickets are now distributed to agents best suited for the scope of work, accelerating resolution response times and accuracy.

Now Mobile and On-Call Scheduling improve incident response

The credit union has invested in other ServiceNow solutions to continue supporting the organization. With a broader vision to enable mobility across the enterprise to all fulfillers and members, the credit union first rolled out Now Mobile to its desktop support team.

Before deploying Now Mobile, technicians doubled their workload by manually documenting ticket status and re-entering their notes in the system when back at their desks. This process increased ticket resolution time by up to several hours.

With Now Mobile, the technicians are more productive, taking advantage of out-of-the-box mobile app-enabled workflows to triage, address and resolve requests on the go.

The credit union deployed ServiceNow’s On-Call Scheduling application as part of its ITSM transformation. Previously, the organization used a third-party tool to manage support staff on-call schedules, but there was no formal owner making sure processes were followed or that staff contact details were up to date. On-Call Scheduling centralizes and simplifies support team contact and scheduling management, including automating notifications and escalations to resolve issues quickly.

ServiceNow streamlines risk and compliance management

The credit union’s strategic roadmap also focuses on projects to transform risk management, compliance controls, and audit readiness. NTT DATA advised the organization on Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tools and automations to address those needs based on the value they would add to business operations.

The team deployed ServiceNow Risk Management to replace manual risk and incident management with a solution that increases enterprise-wide transparency and visibility. The credit union now has a modern approach to managing many organizational risks including:

  • Policy and compliance
  • Audit management
  • Technical and operational risk
  • Business continuity
  • Third-party and vendor risk

The credit union also addressed its risk, compliance and resilience requirements with ServiceNow Security Incident Response, a security orchestration and automation response (SOAR) solution. The SOAR solution offers automations to detect, triage, prioritize and respond to potential threats, reducing false positives and accelerating response times.

NTT DATA has continued to be a trusted partner in helping the credit union’s ServiceNow strategic roadmap deliver on its business objectives. Other transformations await, but critically for the credit union, NTT DATA transferred knowledge and best practices to the organization’s internal teams with each deployment to make sure they are self-reliant on the ServiceNow platform.

About this case study

This credit union leveraged the ServiceNow platform by integrating AI and automations into its existing ITSM deployment and expanding risk and SecOps solutions to address various risk, compliance and resilience requirements.


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