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To expand its global business, Tecno Fast®, an international construction company, acquired Triumph Modular, a leading provider of modular temporary and permanent buildings in the northeastern United States. The acquisition required an ERP software migration to SAP as part if a successful, seamless business integration.

To make it happen, Triumph Modular partnered with NTT DATA and its consulting experts, who found an apt SAP solution and guided Triumph Modular's implementation partner in deploying SAP on time and with no business disruption.

Business Needs

With over 40 years of experience in the modular construction industry, Triumph Modular specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing custom modular buildings. They create much-needed flexible space for offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities, hospitality suites, and more, along with storage containers, trailers, and portable restrooms.

In September 2021, Tecno Fast, a Latin American leader in the modular construction market, acquired Triumph Modular and sought to implement a global template for its operations and business processes, preferably within the SAP software environment.

That meant Triumph Modular’s legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) processes had to be moved to an SAP platform.


  • Migrates legacy system to SAP
  • Determines potential SAP implementation partners
  • Independently validates and verifies independent consultants
  • Deploys the best ERP solution for evolving company needs
Jocelyn Beliveau


Hiring NTT DATA as an independent advisor for this project was instrumental. Their consulting expertise and experience with SAP deployments ensured that we selected and successfully deployed the best ERP solution for our company.

Jocelyn Beliveau, Senior Director of Administration and Special Projects, Triumph Modular


Choose the right solution

SAP offers a range of ERP solutions designed for functionalities, infrastructures and business sizes. Having limited experience with SAP, Triumph Modular partnered with NTT DATA – an SAP Global Strategic Services Partner with nearly 30 years of implementation experience.

The first step was looking at current operations and determining the ideal solution. The result? Triumph Modular would adopt SAP Business One, an entry-level ERP solution.

Based on its own experiences deploying SAP in its Latin America operations, Tecno Fast then recommended several implementation partners to Triumph Modular.

"Though Tecno Fast gave us a list of different partners to talk to, we had no relation with any of them and limited knowledge of SAP," says Jocelyn Beliveau, Triumph Modular’s senior director of administration and special projects. "But we'd had such a great interaction with NTT DATA during the SAP advisory phase that we asked to retain their services as an independent advisor to help us select and work with an implementation partner."

Select the right supplier

Next, the companies reviewed proposals from potential implementation partners. NTT DATA did a comparative analysis between two finalists verifying and validating each prospective partner's solution, experience, references and price.

"The NTT DATA team sat in on several presentations from the different partners," says Beliveau. "They were actively involved in Q&As, vetted the solutions, and reviewed the timelines and the budgets. Because of that, we were confident we'd made the right decision when we selected a partner."

Build and deploy to the plan

Next, the migration to SAP began.

NTT DATA continued as an independent advisor and helped manage the project by specifying deliverables and timelines, clarifying responsibilities and delivering weekly reports on spending and schedule variance.

Occasional cultural and language challenges surfaced — Triumph Modular is based in the northeastern U.S., Tecno Fast operates out of Chile, and the implementation partner used resources in Latin America and Miami, Florida. NTT DATA used its experience in delivering services globally to help navigate these unique challenges.

Five months after the project launched, Triumph Modular completed its migration onto SAP Business One on time and with no business disruption.

Says Beliveau, "Hiring NTT DATA as an independent advisor for this project was instrumental. Their consulting expertise and experience with SAP deployments ensured that we selected and successfully deployed the best ERP solution for our company."

About Triumph Modular

With more than 40 years of experience, Triumph Modular, a Tecno Fast® Company, is a leading provider of innovative modular space and portable storage solutions in the northeastern United States.

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