A multi-national financial services holding company had data in disparate systems, making analysis difficult. The company needed an organization-wide overhaul of the applications it uses to access and analyze data. It also wanted the ability to seamlessly combine its proprietary data with third-party data sources.

NTT DATA’s Data and Artificial Intelligence team designed and deployed a unified data strategy that made data usable, accessible and sharable across the organization. On this harmonized foundation, the team rebuilt a portfolio of data-driven applications, equipping business leaders and sales professionals to speed up and improve decision-making, resulting in a 75% reduction in the legal department’s manual workload.

Business Needs

Each of the financial services holding company’s more than 20 operating units housed its data in disparate systems and shared drives, making it difficult to access, search, aggregate, analyze or visualize. The problem was especially acute for departments such as legal, which needed to access information across the entire organization.

The company’s data woes also bogged down the sales cycle — from credentialing and identifying buyers for client assets to researching conflicts of interest for contracting. Additionally, data inefficiencies and the lack of analytics capabilities led to extended research and valuation lifecycles and restricted the use of existing data.


75% reduction in the legal team’s manual workload
  • Drives a more effective sales and marketing operation
  • Informs and accelerates executive decision making


Leadership engaged NTT DATA to simplify the company’s data landscape and identify priority application development initiatives that would have the greatest impact on the business.

NTT DATA kickstarted this multiphase, ongoing effort by designing a unified data strategy. The team established an enterprise data warehouse with reporting and analytics to consolidate shared data and make it accessible across teams.

Next, the team created a suite of ingestion applications to pull data from both internal and third-party sources. NTT DATA then put in place processes to scrub, structure and stage data for reporting. Finally, the team developed an application interface that allows users to easily access prior project information during buy/sell opportunity discussions.

High-impact applications now sit atop an enriched and harmonized data environment that empowers operational and sales excellence across the organization.

With the company’s more effective sales and marketing operation, sales and leadership teams can:

  • Quickly search for previously executed deals to prove experience/expertise
  • Identify potential buyers/sellers based upon buying behavior
  • Measure the success of marketing campaigns/methods by rapidly retrieving data from a range of marketing sources

The legal team can now access conflict-of-interest data from an organization-wide repository, with results displayed in a single interface. A customized search engine application allows the team to find conflicts using simple keywords and reduces risk of overlooked conflicts.

Thanks to NTT DATA, leadership received an intuitive dashboard that efficiently summarizes deals (including daily sales information) so they can see and respond to performance metrics.

About the case study

A multi-national financial services holding company leverages a unified data strategy to empower operational and sales excellence across the organization.


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