Experience the future of GenAI at ServiceNow Knowledge 2024

  • April 08, 2024

We're putting GenAI to work at ServiceNow Knowledge 2024 and invite you to attend our event at The Venetian in Las Vegas, May 7–9.

What's Knowledge 2024?

At ServiceNow Knowledge, passionate individuals from around the world come together to learn how to use the Now platform to create a better world. This annual event attracts industry experts, thought leaders and peers who explore how digital experiences can transform organizations. Through keynotes, workshops and immersive storytelling, ServiceNow Knowledge showcases how great client and employee experiences can be achieved through strategic digital transformations. Attendees gain cutting-edge insights, innovative strategies and practical solutions to make a lasting impact.

Coming Soon: 2024 ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report

NTT DATA will be the only sponsor giving you full access to the 2024 ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report. The fifth installment of our annual survey returns features all-new, original and ground-breaking research. The report headlines the growing interest in GenAI, plus the most highly ranked strategic initiatives being prioritized across all industries. This year, we gathered more than 1,000 responses from organizations worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Germany, Brazil, France and the Netherlands. We surveyed platform owners and executives across the most influential industries, job roles and departments, and 100% of the respondents were decision-makers. They provided an in-depth look at the future of service management through ServiceNow.

Look at The state of digital initiatives: Insights and opportunities for improvement for a sneak peek of the report's findings.

  • Dropping Live: Sessions featuring real data
    Register and attend our thought leadership theater and Ask the Pro sessions during K24, where we'll share the most powerful findings from our 2024 Insight and Vision Report.
  • Theater Session: Using GenAI in ServiceNow: Tips and insight from NTT DATA
    Attend this session showcasing how ServiceNow's generative AI features — Now Assist and Generative AI Controller — can transform and streamline your business workflow. This presentation will offer insight and tips gathered from our experiments with these features, providing practical guidance for effectively integrating generative AI in ServiceNow. We will also share ideas that further extend generative AI capabilities within ServiceNow using Low-Code Development features and Generative AI Controllers.
  • Ask the Pro Session: Ask the analyst how 1,000+ platform owners and executives are adopting GenAI
    Hot off the press: Our 2024 ServiceNow Insight & Vision Report is here! NTT DATA teams up with the Principal Analyst, sifting through insights from 1,000+ global platform owners and executives. Dive in to see how every industry is embracing GenAI and beyond. Real data, real answers — we've got the scoop on how businesses are ramping up their ServiceNow game.
  • IRL: Experience the future of GenAI with our digital human
    Stop by and meet our Digital Human, Veda, an AI-driven avatar that goes beyond chatbots to create an emotional connection. Like Veda's name, which means Knowledge or Wisdom, she can answer questions about what's happening at the event, the 2024 Insight and Vision Report, our ServiceNow services and solutions and so much more. Veda can see you, hear you and understand your body language and tone of voice, making your client interactions a thing of the future. Experience a one-of-a-kind interaction with artificial intelligence that’s personalized, intuitive and accessible.
  • And while you're learning more about the future of GenAI ask her how you can get into the most exclusive speakeasy at Knowledge 2024!

    To register and learn more about the smartest ServiceNow Knowledge ever.

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    Tanushree Panigrahy

    With more than 15 years under her belt, Tanushree has delivered sustainable and monumental transformations across an array of Fortune 500 titans, particularly making a mark in the manufacturing sector. Her knowledge canvasses various domains, from enterprise software and media to healthcare, tech, ecommerce and the intricate workings of modern manufacturing processes. An insatiable learner, her prowess isn't restricted to ServiceNow. Beyond this, she has been at the helm of large-scale transformations, turning vision into actionable strategy.

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