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  • September 07, 2023
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One of the biggest announcements at the Snowflake Summit in June of this year was the launch of the Snowflake Marketplace. The marketplace connects you to hundreds of providers offering thousands of live, ready-to-use apps, data and services to help you discover, evaluate and purchase from trusted vendors. NTT DATA was one of the first providers to release five apps on the marketplace during its launch.

What is the Snowflake Marketplace?

The Snowflake Marketplace allows users to find, access and exchange datasets and apps with other Snowflake accounts, regions and clouds in a confidential manner. Its purpose is to connect organizations that consume data and apps with data providers, as well as incorporate external technologies into the Snowflake environment.

The Snowflake Marketplace provides secure access to data and apps listings from providers — removing the need to integrate and model data.

Why use Snowflake Marketplace?

Snowflake Native Apps can be accessed via a full-featured trial before committing to buy or speaking with a salesperson. Once the apps are purchased, they are immediately available in the user’s account — no waiting for lengthy procurement processes.

  • Secure data processing: User data never leaves their environment so users don’t end up creating another data silo to integrate. The app provider doesn’t have access to user data.
  • Easy, multiple ways to pay: Snowflake native apps can use on-platform billing enabling users to pay via credit card, ACH and more without resorting to lengthy purchasing procedures.

Meet our most popular app — Cost Optimization for Snowflake

To date, our most popular app has been Cost Optimization for Snowflake, which helps optimize usage by examining the five Snowflake cost areas, including cloud service cost, managed compute cost, serverless compute cost, storage cost and data transfer cost.

There are several risk factors involved with determining cost optimization in Snowflake. The common concerns we hear include the high initial cost and the necessary experimentation with Snowflake’s platform for performance and recommendations on design decisions.

Our Cost Optimization application can slice and dice your compute usage patterns, identify troublesome resources and recommend corrections. Enterprises can perform timely audits, instill best practices among users and maximize value from Snowflake investments.

Cost Optimization for Snowflake is a powerful tool that offers companies the ability to make informed design decisions, optimize the spend of their Snowflake credits, and ensure that sensitive data is never moved away from Snowflake during the optimization process. The tool helps define the right size of the warehouse to be used for each workload and ensures that there are no reductions in performance. By providing visibility into performance and optimizing efficiency while reducing spend, enterprises can make sure they are getting the most out of their investment.

Cost Optimization for Snowflake helps enterprises gain visibility into performance and optimize efficiency while reducing the cost of managing workloads. By leveraging this tool's capabilities to its fullest extent, companies can maximize the value of their Snowflake investments and ensure they are staying ahead of the competition.

What other apps have NTT DATA launched within Snowflake Marketplace?

  • Test Automation for Snowflake App: Create tests based on the Great Expectation framework, perform data test scheduling and execute the tests. This app enhances the quality of your data and makes it correct, complete, consistent and fresh. Watch the demo.
  • The Dark Data Discovery App: Scan your Snowflake account across tables, views, stages and user-defined functions, and identify data not currently being used — unlocking opportunities for new business strategies with your data — all while diversifying your data analytics at reduced internal costs. Watch the demo.
  • Patient Treatment Optimizer App: This app recommends treatment plans for patients with Type 2 Diabetes. The app determines treatment with the best outcomes considering cost and effect of treatment options using historical patient info.
  • Accounts Payable Auditing App: Identify and avert duplicate payments. Recover revenue lost due to duplicate payments. Improve the bottom line, all through this app. Watch the demo.

While these apps are ready for plug and play, each of them can be further customized to suit the specific needs of the organization.

Find out more information on our apps on Snowflake Marketplace.

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