Upward leap: Growing through enriching experiences at NTT DATA

  • October 09, 2023
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Navigating the professional landscape offers its share of challenges and triumphs. At NTT DATA, I've experienced this journey firsthand, seeing the company evolve while taking part in its growth. And let me tell you — it’s been quite a ride!

Over the past 12 years, I’ve seen and been part of many dynamic shifts, including the acquisitions of many companies. And while change can seem daunting, the experience has been enriching for me. I oversee our email marketing and automation efforts, making sure that every communication to our clients aligns with our company's ethos. Plus, managing digital forms on our website and the intricacies of lead management in our CRM, Salesforce, are all part of my routine.

Collective success

I think of life at NTT DATA like sailing a vast ocean in a tight ship managed by a tight-knit community. Despite being a part of such a huge operation, I always felt seen and valued, my work attached to real impact and results. Not just another cog in the machinery of a big corporation, at NTT DATA, it’s collaboration at its finest. Every project feels like a shared mission, and every success feels collective.

A recent example is standing up functionality, which empowers our sales team to communicate branded content directly to their clients inside Salesforce, putting our brand where it matters most.

Yet, like any journey, there are challenges too. One recurrent hurdle is the cycle of integration. As we continue to grow and absorb smaller, digital-forward companies into our fold, grasping their unique ways of operating can be demanding, given that each company presents its own intricacies to understand and address. But the silver lining? The innovative new ways of working and refreshing ideologies that each acquisition introduces. These new perspectives not only enrich our operations but also contribute to the sense that, although global, we are a nimble, adaptive organization.

My role at NTT DATA gives me a chance to work ‘both sides of my brain’ every day! But there’s one thing I absolutely cherish about my role here: the harmony between the creative and analytical side. Crafting engaging email copy, choosing compelling visuals and then diving deep into the data analytics. It all balances my creative and analytical sides evenly.

Commitment to inclusivity

Beyond work, what stands out is NTT DATA’s commitment to inclusivity. I’m co-chair of our PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) (I wear my PRIDE hat with pride!) but have also taken part in activities with THRIVE, our ERG dedicated to our Black team members, and LIFT, which focuses on mental health. More recently, with the NEST ERG, in just two hours, our small group cleared more than 130 pounds of trash from a beach in Chicago. But it was more than just cleaning; it was a chance to bond with colleagues from other departments and walks of life in a setting outside of the office walls.

Within PRIDE, I’ve been able to lead meaningful initiatives like launching optional pronouns in people's professional profiles and correspondence, signaling respect for an individual’s identity. I’ve also played host to many important panel discussions on authenticity, allyship, and inclusion, a program we try to run quarterly. With such a global footprint, I think the company does a great job at finding things we can do locally and getting people involved. NTT DATA continues to demonstrate its values and inspire me with its dedication to all employees' holistic wellbeing.

Legos and travel

Outside work, my passion soars in two distinct directions. I am an avid traveler with a special love for international destinations. With 37 countries already checked off my list, I'm now gearing up for a trip to South America. And while I’ve predominantly explored Europe and South America, I’m eagerly waiting for the day I can set foot in Asia. Another passion of mine? Legos! Loud and proud AFOL here (that’s Adult Fan of Lego), I spend hours building and indulging in my love for architecture.

To sum it up, working at NTT DATA is like experiencing the best of both worlds. It offers the strength and stability of a global giant yet the camaraderie and heart of a close-knit community. It's been an incredible journey so far, and I'm excited to see where the future takes us.

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Daniel Stepanic

Daniel Stepanic is a "both-sides-of-the-brain" marketer, leveraging his creative and analytical talents to drive NTT DATA's digital marketing efforts for more than a decade. He currently leads the organization's marketing automation in outbound client emailing and inbound web form/omnichannel lead routing. Daniel thrives in a collaborative environment and is passionate about intersecting with industry and solution marketers and sellers. He is a staunch advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) both in and out of the workplace. As co-chair of the PRIDE ERG, he has found the work he is most proud of — building meaningful change in both benefits and policy for the organization's LGBTQ+ community. He lives in Chicago, IL with his partner, Andy, and two dogs, Sully and Sable.


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