Build a Data-Driven Enterprise with Snowflake

  • June 21, 2023
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Organizations jumping on the data and analytics bandwagon need to think of data as a solution that is beyond a business-enabling tool. Becoming a data-driven enterprise isn’t about data-led decisions made for isolated departmental projects, which are often treated as secondary business priorities. To drive a sustainable digital transformation, it's become necessary for every organization to incorporate data and analytics into its corporate strategy, governance and IT operating model.

Why move towards a cloud data ecosystem?

Organizations want to increase the velocity of generating insights and accelerate decision-making. Traditional on-premise data platforms often leave precious data underused in the form of siloed data ecosystems and redundant repositories. Traditional data management needs heavy investment in hardware, licensing and specialized talent.

On the other hand, cloud data management provides the agility that enterprises need to stay ahead of the curve. Thanks to the global footprint of hyperscalers, data can be managed across geographies with full flexibility and scalability to handle fluctuating workloads. Hyperscalers minimize downtime by replicating data securely across regions while following regulatory frameworks. Cloud vendors have dedicated cybersecurity teams who offload a share of your responsibility for safeguarding your data and managing patch installations.

Choosing the appropriate cloud data warehouse platform is critical for adopting a modern data ecosystem. At NTT DATA, we help clients select the right cloud data platform based on their business goals and current data ecosystem. Sign up for a live session on our 2023 Cloud Data Platform Benchmark and Analysis, to learn about the performance and cost analysis of the five leading cloud data platforms.

One of the widely adopted cloud data platforms, Snowflake offers a scalable and flexible cloud data platform to handle large volumes of workloads on AWS or Google Cloud.

Building a data-driven enterprise with Snowflake

The data cloud migrations and managing modern data ecosystems present challenges and traps for the unwary. As a Snowflake Elite Consulting Partner, we have built a set of accelerators and solutions that help clients to fast-track business outcomes by optimally leveraging the Snowflake platform.

  • Cloud Data Migration Accelerators
    This is a suite of three accelerators that will propel your transition to the cloud data warehouse. NTT DATA’s Cataloguer and Analyzer, Migrator and Validator make your migration quick, accurate and streamlined. Cataloger and Analyzer enables you to do a high-level assessment to determine the feasibility and approximate size as well as the scope of the project. Following this, Migrator moves your data from the legacy system with limited business downtime and impact. Validator then ensures the correctness and completeness of your migrated data.

  • Cost Optimization for Snowflake App
    The application can slice and dice your compute usage patterns, identify troublesome resources and recommend corrections. Enterprises can perform timely audits, instill best practices among users and maximize value from Snowflake investments.

  • Test Automation for Snowflake App
    Continuous data quality monitoring and scheduling with a standard test case framework is crucial. Test Automation for the Snowflake app creates tests based on the Great Expectation framework, performs data test scheduling and executes them. It also compares and trends results. It enhances the quality of your database and makes it correct, complete, consistent and fresh.

  • The Dark Data Discovery App
    Despite inexpensive storage, data deluge has become a challenge for organizations. One can find information on assets acquired, processed and stored, but not used for specific purposes. In this situation, a solution is needed that scans your entire Snowflake account across tables, views, stages and user-defined functions. The Dark Data Discovery App helps develop new business strategies and diversifies your data analytics at reduced internal costs.

Key industry use cases

  • Patient Treatment Optimizer App
    This native app is an AI engine offering health plan providers care plans for patients with chronic diseases. The app recommends care plans based on patients’ needs and history. It also predicts future costs and helps develop policies.

  • Accounts Payable Auditing App
    Duplicate payments are a significant financial challenge for any company. Duplicate payments impact the workload of a vendor’s accounting team and client-vendor relationships. Accounts Payable Auditing app can identify and avert duplicate payments automatically. While improving the topline and bottom-line, it can help recover up to 2% of revenue lost due to duplicate payments.

NTT DATA at Snowflake Summit 2023

At the Snowflake Summit 2023, we showcased various Snowflake accelerators and launched our NTT DATA app store on the Snowflake Marketplace to elevate and optimize your Snowflake experience. Contact us today to get started on your data-driven enterprise journey.

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Vinayak Shinde

Vinayak leads the innovation group within the Data and Intelligence practice at NTT DATA Services. He has led various data management programs for transforming raw data into revenue-generating data assets, especially for some of the world’s largest retailers. Vinayak has deep technology expertise in designing, developing and managing distributed big data architectures. As a technology transformation leader, he leads the digital transformation of monolithic SQL and ETL data pipelines to scalable compute and storage architecture using cloud and open-source technologies.


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