Wrapping up Fivetran’s Year End Updates

  • September 30, 2022

New data connectors. High Volume Agent Connectors. Updates to Business Critical Fivetran… and more. See what was featured in the last product showcase of 2022.

A look back on mid-year

The product showcase kicked off with a quick recap of what we saw in Q2 of 2022 – new and upgraded connectors, including beta connectors for Amazon Ads and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. They also discussed their High Volume Agent Connectors, which followed their acquisition of HVR and enable users to “minimize source load so data teams can realize faster setup times, limit maintenance and handle higher volumes and data structure changes.” They then touched on Teleport Sync, a feature that allows for a “faster method for dataset comparison.” Further, they announced that Metadata API went from private preview to being moved into beta. Finally, the last mid-year recap was on Fivetran Transformations, which remains a free feature that will “orchestrate custom data transformations in your destination.”

Here's what was for year-end

Even more changes and updates in data connectors & destinations, transformations, and governance & security in Q3. First, those beta connectors for Amazon Ads and Salesforce Commerce Cloud moved from beta to general availability. Joining them on that move to general availability were Sage Intacct, ADP Workforce Now, and SAP Business By Design. There were also several new connectors in development, among them being Bamboo HR, Yahoo DSP, Spotify Ads, Google Search Ads 360, and more.

Fivetran also worked more with High Volume Agent Connectors, with HVA SQL Server launching in private preview. In development will be agent-initiated connections, HVA SAP (PP), and HVA DB2i (PP).

Business Critical Fivetran, their “highest level of data protection and compliance,” also saw some updates this quarter. They added more high security on Google Cloud, which was made available this quarter. Features that have been popular on Snowflake and AWS, like private networking, cloud region support, and the security of PCI DSS Level 1 is now seen on Google Cloud. New metadata catalog integrations happened with data.world, Collibra, and our other partners Alation and Atlan.

Another update was with Transformations – with a Quickstart package coming to private preview. Aim is to “set up model runs without touching a single line of code” and take data from its raw state to being ready for analysis even faster. This includes new pre-built data models — Apple Search Ads, Amplitude, Databricks compatibility with models, and Recurly.

Fivetran already had Amazon S3 as a source, and decided to use S3 as a destination as well. During the showcase, they introduced S3 with Iceberg, which offered a modern data lake with S3 and provided extensive data governance. This private preview went live in September.

Along with these, we got a bit of a teaser for a new feature Fivetran had been working on for the past year. This feature is building connectors by request, which differs from the way they currently build their connectors. At present, customers can let Fivetran know what they’d like to see, and they take those suggestions and process them, then narrow it down and that connector might be made available a few months down the road. They’re looking into making it a possibility for customers to ask for the connector they need, offer to share access to it can be built, and Fivetran makes this happen in somewhere closer to 45 days.

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