Movianto and NTT DATA Awarded the International Project of the Year by the GSA UK

  • October 10, 2022
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Few things challenge an IT organization more than a merger, acquisition or divestiture. There are disparate systems and applications, and volumes of data that must work in concert while appearing seamless to the entire workforce. The ability to seamlessly address these challenges as partners together is why the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) named Movianto and NTT DATA as the winners of its International Project of the Year award at the GSA Awards Ceremony.

NTT DATA and Movianto were selected based on their work migrating and modernizing multiple workplace environments to Microsoft Azure. Movianto had been acquired by the European Healthcare Distribution Holding SAS (EHDH) Group (now Walden Group), and plays an integral role in the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine throughout Europe. An impressive 99% success rate of Movianto’s Active Directory (AD) consolidation and the migration of 3,000 email accounts were achieved as part of this comprehensive project. It was all completed with zero unplanned downtime and reduced Movianto’s monthly Microsoft Office 365 expenditures.

However, to call the project an AD consolidation would be an understatement. NTT DATA implemented an AD Sync solution, which saved Movianto months of additional work and added expenditures that would have totaled well into the six figures. The solution reduced the number of migration batches by one-third, taking the project’s completion time down from ten weeks to just six. The migration moved Movianto’s Microsoft Office Suite of applications from on-premises to a new environment rehosted on Windows in Microsoft Azure.

In one month, Movianto employees were able to use the domain and moved away from their previous email domain.

It Starts with the Right Personnel and the Right Plan

Throughout the IT integration project, NTT DATA worked closely with the key stakeholders at Movianto, Owens and Minor (Movianto’s previous parent company) and EHDH (now Walden Group). Together they architected a customized migration roadmap for the consolidation of Movianto end users from multiple sources. The migration project detailed the planning and migration of each batch, including comprehensive testing, execution and monitoring of the entire project. In addition, it addressed and handed off a seamless transition to Movianto’s Steady State Support team. NTT DATA managed all IT management requirements, including security, desktop engineering, network, messaging and collaboration.

The solution was delivered through a Services Project Management Framework, which includes 4 phases―Discovery, Design, Build and Execution―that carefully consider the client’s existing business processes, infrastructure and applications. From day one, technical governance applied an architectural review on Movianto’s entire infrastructure and was conducted before defining migration processes and developing detailed scripts that would accurately identify migration batches. This phased approach enabled the team to take lessons learned in each phase and carry that empirical knowledge to the next. Throughout the project, NTT DATA consistently communicated and collaborated with Movianto’s staff using Microsoft Teams to ensure they were kept well informed each step of the way.

The entire project perfectly exemplified NTT DATA’s “One Team” approach, which seeks to closely collaborate and partner with the client. It focuses on achieving excellence together, encouraging open and transparent communication that quickly establishes trust throughout all organizations, both vendor and client. NTT DATA team members were in the UK, Ireland, Romania and the United States, and Movianto’s were spread throughout Europe and the UK.

Success Defined Through an Array of Benefits

As a result of NTT DATA’s successful migration of Movianto’s Microsoft Office 365, the organization now enjoys an array of benefits, including increased productivity, vastly improved uptime and reduced infrastructure costs due to the decommissioning of its legacy on-premises Microsoft Exchange environment.

It’s entire organization now uses Microsoft Teams as it’s primary collaboration solution. All have been provided SharePoint and OneDrive access, and their Dublin office currently has a standardized laptop build and image solution.

NTT DATA Dedicated to Addressing Unique M&A Challenges

While mergers, acquisitions and divestitures have steadily been on the rise to tackle an ever-challenging marketplace, the emergence of Covid-19 accelerated M&A by orders of magnitude. But mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are far more than simply pooling resources and capital to help enhance profit margins. From an IT standpoint, it is about seamlessly integrating processes, technologies, and people to help address a daunting concept to so many: change.

That’s why turning to professionals like those at NTT DATA can make the difference between seamless change or a series of events that leave employees harkening back to “the way things were.”

Find out more about how NTT DATA’s Consulting Services, Cloud Transformation and Dynamic Workplace services can help your employees embrace change and be ready for what’s next.

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Rob Diggins

Rob Diggins is Senior Delivery Director of Infrastructure Consulting and Integration, EMEA at NTT DATA Services. Throughout his career, Rob has been dedicated to providing high-quality project services and ensuring positive outcomes to his customers. He brings more than 20 years of management experience within the IT industry to NTT DATA Services, with a proven track record in managing multi-disciplined, global teams.


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