Atlan — the First Modern Data Workspace for Snowflake Data Cloud

  • November 30, 2022

Atlan and Snowflake, partners since 2021, announced in 2022 that Atlan will be the first and only data catalog to be validated as a Snowflake Ready Technology Partner. The result is that data teams now have the capability to democratize data with cataloging, governance, lineage and much more.

Atlan enables data teams with seamless collaboration, documentation and usability. It does the heavy lifting of finding and understanding data so that teams can focus on business outcomes and teamwork. As a result, Atlan’s Modern Data Workspace attracted Snowflake’s customer base from the start. With key components such as a data catalog, data quality/profiling, data exploration, and data lineage, it was an obvious match.

A natural fit, Atlan and Snowflake have been working on a joint roadmap to build the integration between their platforms and make it seamless.

How Atlan enables democratization of Snowflake Data Cloud

• Data Catalog & Discovery for Snowflake: This makes data assets on Snowflake and other sources immediately discoverable. Atlan provides a self-service search and browse, easy access control, and a searchable business glossary.

• Data Lineage & Governance for Snowflake: Governing and managing data ecosystems becomes simplified. Parsing through SQL query history, Atlan’s bots auto-construct data lineage and auto-detect PII data. This allows a creation of dynamic access policies & best-in-class governance.

• Data Exploration and integrations with Snowflake: Atlan’s Excel-like query builder enables non-technical users to directly query across multiple data lakes and Snowflake. They have native integrations with tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and Jupyter.

Along with all of this, Atlan is has also worked on a complete redesign and slate of new integrations, capabilities, and partnerships to help data teams activate their metadata.

If you want to deep dive into these new features, head here. You can also attend their Product Townhall 2022 for more info.

> So… Is Atlan the best data governance tool for my team?

At NTT DATA, our job is to be data experts. We have years of experience in matching the right tools with the right projects. We strive to impart as much of that research with the community to ensure you can make informed decisions and be able to easily filter through the noise. that will help you understand which tool is best for you to implement in your data pipelines.

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