Changing the Game for App Developers: Amazon Web Services Front-end Web and Mobile Tools and Services

  • March 15, 2022
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The User Experience (UX) is as essential to the digital revolution as the assembly line was to the automotive industry. Without developers always keeping it top of mind, whether building a website or creating a mobile application, poor UX can lead to user frustration, disgruntled customers and lost revenue. Creating a dynamic product or service is challenging enough, but that’s only part of the equation when the goal is to remain market competitive. Simply put, UX can change the game for any product or service, regardless of industry. It’s one of the many reasons Amazon Web Services (AWS) created a broad arsenal of tools for front-end web and mobile applications developers.

For even the newest AWS customer, it’s easy to create workflows for iOS/Android, JavaScript or React Native. When combined with the AWS infrastructure, secure, scalable apps can be developed, deployed and operated with reliability and speed, automatically scaling from the prototype stage to an application supporting millions of users. And these tools span the lifecycle continuum — development, delivery, monitoring and testing, and engagement.


AWS Amplify enables mobile and front-end web developers to easily and quickly build full-stack applications on AWS. It’s a robust set of features and purpose-built tools that allows developers to quickly configure and connect a mobile or web app backend, build a front-end UI and manage content.

With Amplify Studio, developers can build full-stack web and mobile apps, from front-end UI to backend. Authentication and guided commands enable users to easily configure multi-authentication for, among other things, email and social sign up and sign in.

Amplify Libraries provides developers access to open-source libraries to build mobile and web applications.

Amplify CLI (Command Line Interface) allows users to configure a backend with the help of a guided workflow, all from your desktop. You can test features and deploy multiple environments, and configured resources are available as Infrastructure as Code (IAC) templates, allowing for enhanced collaboration and simple integration with Amplify’s CI/CD workflows.

It’s fast, it scales, it’s AWS Amplify.

Amazon Chime SDK allows developers to add real-time communications elements, such as messaging, video, audio and screen sharing, to their mobile and web applications. It allows them to deliver elevated user experiences while eliminating the cost and complexity or maintaining their own communications infrastructure.

Amazon Location Service addresses complexities and hassles that developers face when attempting to insert and integrate location services in their applications. Developers love it and so do their marketing departments.


AWS Amplify Hosting is a fully managed CI/CD and hosting service for reliable, secure and fast service-side apps that need to easily scale to meet evolving business needs. Users can build and deploy dynamic capabilities and websites fast and accelerate the velocity of release cycles with provided CI/CD workflows, including testing and previews.

AWS App Runner makes it easy for developers — even for those new to AWS — to deploy containerized web apps and APIs at scale. Just start with a container image or source code and AWS App Runner automatically creates and deploys your web application, even load balancing traffic with needed encryption. In short, it provides developers more time to concentrate on their applications.

Monitoring and Testing

AWS Device Farm tests your mobile or web applications in an extensive array of browsers. It allows developers to accelerate testing and generate logs and videos to identify issues fast and reliably.

Amazon CloudWatch allows developers, engineers, product owners, IT managers, and others, to observe and monitor applications with insights and data, helping them to easily optimize resource allocation and quickly respond to performance changes or issues. It provides users visibility of their applications and services running on AWS and enables them to set alarms, view side-by-side metrics, detect anomalous behavior and troubleshoot issues.


Amazon Pinpoint is perfect for marketers who need a scalable and flexible inbound and outbound communications solution. Communicate and connect with customers over personalized SMS, voice, email or in-app messaging. It provides metrics to measure the effectiveness of customer communications, whether you’re delivering a handful of messages or billions worldwide.

If you want to know how AWS can change your game, contact the NTT DATA AWS consulting team. We’ve migrated hundreds of workloads to AWS, helping customers integrate the latest cloud-native and 3rd party services and use the AWS platform to achieve their agile enterprise goals. Learn more here.

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