Work Smarter With ServiceNow’s San Diego Release: A Deeper Look Into AI and RPA Enhancements

  • July 06, 2022

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with the ServiceNow San Diego release. Whether it’s the all-new Next Experience or optimization for ITSM — what’s not to love? Today we’re focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

ServiceNow San Diego AI upgrades

We were first introduced to AI Search in ServiceNow’s Quebec release. The new application provided users with a consumer-grade search experience, improving employee engagement by delivering answers with relevant information instead of links. AI Search also helps to increase case deflection by providing not only relevant, but actionable, search results in every user’s touch point.

In San Diego, AI Search was updated so that when user’s update from the Quebec or Rome release, the application will automatically reindex all your indexed Japanese content. This process enables the Japanese search experience improvements in the San Diego release. Sounds to us like there’s no better time to upgrade!

What’s new with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Disconnected systems and dependence on specialty centres can result in expensive, repetitive, and manual work for employees — impeding your digital transformation journey.

The solution? Hyper-automation. The San Diego release has introduced us to Automation Engine, an integration solution combining Integration Hub and App Engine to deliver easily accessible turn-key solutions.

The RPAHub platform consists of four applications: RPA Hub, Unattended Robot, Attended Robot, and RPA Desktop Design Studio.

The RPA Hub features more than 1,300 pre-built components to accelerate time to value for automation initiatives. It also enables organizations to automate any repetitive, manual tasks to streamline business processes and help boost employee productivity — all while reducing human errors.

Unattended and Attended Robot features

Unattended Robot and Attended Robot are software agents that can be installed to a Windows machine to execute unattended or attended automations without requiring human intervention.

The Automation Engine also includes the all-new RPA Hub Spoke and RPA Desktop Design Studio. The RPA Hub Spoke enables any ServiceNow developer to incorporate RPA into any ServiceNow workflow in Flow Designer, while the RPA Desktop Design Studio enables users to build robots with more than 1,300 out-of-the-box components to accelerate time to value.

Are your ready to upgrade to the San Diego release? Connect with an NTT DATA ServiceNow expert today.

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