NTT DATA Takes on Snowpark Day (again!)

  • August 19, 2022
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This year’s Snowpark Day — presented by SnowflakeStreamsetsDataiku, and NTT DATA — was held on April 21, 2022 and it was certainly one for the books!

We played a part in bringing this event to life as David Hrncir, NTT DATA regional technical expert, captured what’s changed with Snowpark and showcased the range of its possibilities.

David broke down parsing and transforming HL7 messages (a healthcare industry-specific, unstructured data format) with Snowpark Python using Snowflake. He also covered Snowpark use cases, advantages and key differences, as well as an overview of understanding the use of HL7 in the healthcare industry. David then brought it all together with a Snowflake Snowpark demo.

If you missed this live at Snowpark Day, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! 

What is Snowpark (and Snowpark Day)?

Snowpark Day is all about — you guessed it — Snowpark, which is a developer framework of Snowflake. Snowpark was designed to ease the difficulty that data professionals face when collaborating in a complex data environment.

Snowpark allows data engineers, data scientists and developers to write code in their own language of choice. With the simplicity and power of DataFrames in mind, you can leverage the Snowpark API to write data engineering applications or do exploratory analysis using its intuitive table-like structures with the strong data typing of Scala. 

The sessions at this year’s Snowpark Day featured 10 speakers from Snowflake, Streamsets, Dataiku and NTT DATA. Each of the sessions aims to educate about the newest features of Snowpark and offers the chance to visualize their potential by exploring new use cases.

So why Snowpark (and Snowflake in general)?

The goal of Snowpark is to improve collaboration, and we’re all about building better, together.

Snowflake Data Cloud Services for Healthcare

Speaking of building better, Snowflake and NTT DATA to bring you Snowflake Healthcare Solutions — an extended suite of healthcare offerings. Together, we’re working to bring you personalized healthcare data solutions that utilize the Snowflake Data Cloud, with a special focus on chronic diseases (prediction, progression and intervention).

The combination of our superior consulting services experience, NTT DATA’s global industry expertise and Snowflake’s insights, analytical power, and collaborative tools allows us to deliver better, more personalized experiences for both patients and members.

Visit our healthcare page to learn more about how NTT DATA can use the power of Snowflake’s tools to help you leverage advanced analytics insights and industry-leading data sets.

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