Keeping Your Employees Engaged, Productive, and Informed with ServiceNow’s Employee Center

  • October 14, 2021
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With all the new features and functionality, the Rome release brought us, we’re still soaking in all the opportunities for businesses of all sizes and industries to take advantage to meet their immediate and long-term business goals.

A key piece of Rome is the new Employee Center. Employee experience has turned from a luxury to a necessity in the past few years, and now with many workplaces staying remote or utilizing a hybrid model it’s more important than ever to have a seamless employee service portal—and that’s where Employee Center comes in.

Employee Center is ServiceNow’s new standard, multi-department, dynamic portal for service delivery and employee engagement. This out-of-the-box feature is available for all ServiceNow customers and easily scales to support multiple-department service delivery.

What to expect

  • Curated experiences. Organize service catalog items and knowledge base content around topics for easier self-service.
  • Targeted campaigns. Serve up timely, relevant, targeted content to employees based on location, role, and job type.
  • Microsoft Teams integration. Submit requests, act on notifications, and chat with virtual agents from within Microsoft Teams.
  • Employee forums. Empower employees to participate in internal discussions and discover forum content via search.

Previously, the closest thing to Employee Center within ServiceNow’s offerings was the Service Portal, which often must be customized from the ground up, adding a hurdle to implementation and upkeep. While Service Portals continue to be a vital part of creating experiences in ServiceNow, now that Employee Center is in the mix, companies can create an even better Employee Experience with the ease of additional functionality.

Employee Center takes the concept of a custom portal to the next level, creating a curated experience based on a unified taxonomy. This improves the self-service experience with a single OOTB portal for all service delivery. While the experience for employees becomes unified, Employee Center also generates topic pages dynamically to push the most relevant content to the user.

Having this functionality out of the box is a huge step forward for EX/UX in ServiceNow. Employee Center is a huge step forward in functionality and is the necessary next step for next-generation Employee Experience.

Watch our on-demand webinar Employee Center: Building with a Phased Approach to learn more about the transition from Service Portal to Employee Center.

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