Designing for a Human-Centric Experience (5 Tips From Our Experts)

  • June 24, 2021
woman adding sticky notes to board

Your portal design is more than aesthetics. You want to construct your pages and portals to make sure users can easily find — and act upon — what they’re looking for.

Here are five tips to deliver on that mission.

  1. Less is more. Instead of trying to provide all possible options, declutter the page to highlight the most relevant solutions and information.
  2. Speak in the consumer’s language. Avoid all jargon and use simple, nontechnical language to name and explain services.
  3. Clearly signal next steps. Highlight each anticipated next step for the user.
  4. Make switching between pages and applications easy. Use menu tabs so users can switch between pages with one click instead of having to press a back button multiple times.
  5. Include interactive filter navigation. Instead of making users go through a taxonomy, allow them to filter and search for relevant choices.

Remember, users expect to access everything using a smartphone — that makes it paramount to design for a good mobile experience.

ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent chatbot in Service Portal

ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent is a conversation bot platform that provides user assistance through conversations within a messaging interface. Firms can use ServiceNow Virtual Agent to design and build automated conversations that help their users quickly obtain information, make decisions and perform common work tasks.

Implementing a virtual agent to handle common requests and tasks enables end users (both customers and employees) to get immediate help, day or night. Support tasks that virtual agents can perform include:

  • Answering FAQs or suggesting Knowledge Articles
  • Providing tutorial (how to) information
  • Updating records, for example, to get status on cases or incidents
  • Gathering data for the live agent
  • Performing diagnostics Resolving multi-step problems

Automating these support tasks with a virtual agent frees support agents to focus on more complex user issues and enables organizations to scale their support organization accordingly.

To talk about creating human-centric experiences for your organization, let’s get in touch.