New eBook on What’s Ahead for Transformation

  • February 28, 2021
man drawing a digital cloud outline

In a sea of rapid, continuous change, traditional companies will either need to deliver continuous transformation–or go extinct. Our newest report, which incorporates insights from seven executives at ServiceNow and NTT DATA, explores why experiences are still the focal point of transformation, the key criteria to building the capacity for successful change, and what’s ahead for transformation.

“We have entered a new era—one where leaders face constant uncertainty on all fronts… Transformation is no longer just a project—it’s the defining skill set of tomorrow,” Hiroshi Sugiyama, Senior Vice President, NTT DATA Corporation said.

Key Drivers for Transformation: Customer & Employee Experience

The executives interviewed for the report overwhelming agreed that businesses must maintain a focus on experiences as the driving force of transformation. However, according to NTT DATA’s Innovation Index, that’s easier said than done – nearly 60% of those surveyed said that customer needs and demands are changing too quickly to provide high-quality experiences. The same challenge extends to employee experiences - just 28& of respondents said that they are highly effective at providing flexible work options.

The executives noted three opportunities to factor into digital transformation strategies:

  • Aligning the entire value chain to serve the customer
  • Bridging the front, middle, and back-office for a better experience across the customer lifecycle
  • Embracing a “Total Experience” strategy that bridges customer and employee experience

Business Processes Needed to Drive Faster Innovation

The need for innovation in today’s post-pandemic world is obvious – but the organizational capacity for it lags. More than one-third of organizations said in the NTT DATA Innovation Index that their culture holds back their investment in digital technologies and only slightly more than 40% of them have a proactive approach to innovation.

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