Modernized Digital Services: What's Workplace Service Delivery?

  • February 02, 2021
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Every ServiceNow release provides users with improved functionality, an increase in machine learning and automation capabilities and other hidden treasures. Unlike many SaaS companies, the new functionality of upgrades is optional, as ServiceNow doesn't require upgrades (although they do encourage maintaining the N-1 release to glean the most value from the platform).

That includes keeping up with the most current needs of your IT, customers and employees. Today, businesses are trying to adapt to changing environments where employees need to be supported as they transition back to the workplace. Providing fewer barriers and making things simple is now considered essential.

However, traditional work is filled with frustrating, repetitive and routine tasks that steal our time.

  • Finding an open desk for a few days at the office
  • Reserving a proper conference room for a daylong team meeting
  • Inviting a customer and providing they have parking and a badge
  • Or even letting the workplace team know there's a problem with the coffee machine

With the most recent Paris release, ServiceNow debuted its new Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) application. This robust long-term solution focuses on providing services to areas typically managed through email and/or phone calls.

WSD allows employees to ask for services and/or reserve areas of an office holistically based upon their daily needs.

Here are the three biggest features:

1. Workplace Reservation Management: The reservation capability is vastly enhanced compared to the functionality in Safe Workplace. ServiceNow has released a complete Self Service Portal page where employees can't only reserve a workspace but also other items about the company like conference rooms, parking spaces, cars and more.

The portal and its supporting workflow enable the user to reserve spaces with the corresponding assets or capabilities of that space outlined so the user can filter and quickly reserve the suitable space for their needs. Also, the reservation capability allows a user to look at floor maps to reserve a workspace ad-hoc or on a continual basis. The November release of WSD enhanced this floor map functionality through a new integration with Mappedin. This integration will be further enhanced in upcoming releases, but it looks promising for an overall better map interaction experience.

2. Workplace Case Management: A workflow behind the Workplace Service Delivery service allows requests to be fulfilled. Some of these requests are task fulfillment of reservation requests and others are independent requests such as reconfigure office space, cleaning requests or just a general Workplace Service Request that can be expanded upon by customers.

Having this framework for WSD Requests baseline is extremely important and allows customers to expand their service offerings without extending other tables and/or customizing the platform.

3. Workplace Visitor Management: Before 2020, when a visitor arrived at your company, the process was driven by phone calls or email. Today, security advancements and COVID-19 restrictions have started a lot of scrutiny to this process, prompting a permanent solution within the platform.

Through this application, users can register an employee before arrival and even assign them a parking spot, so they have an overall positive experience visiting your organization. In many of the prior Safe Workplace applications, this was an area that many customers asked about and until later releases weren't available or easily configurable. ServiceNow included this as a part of the new WSD suite as it now has a consolidated place to provide tracking and oversight into the visitor management process.

It's important to meet your customers where they are at. WSD is meeting the current needs of customers – a massive add to the business, not just a short-term investment. Monthly releases promise some great new features ahead.

Interested in more Paris features? Contact us for a complementary demo.

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