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  • April 19, 2021

We began writing about cloud technologies, DevOps and the broader ecosystem of tools and best practices a little over seven years ago under the banner of the Flux7 blog. We are excited to share that the blog has moved locations to NTT DATA and will now be called the NTT DATA Tech Blog. While the name has changed, our coverage will largely stay the same as we continue writing about cutting edge cloud tech that drive digital transformation, sharing our ongoing insights, strategies and best practices from across hundreds of client projects. 

With our new home comes access to even more experts from across a spectrum of technologies and industries – all of which means we can expand the depth and breadth of stories we share with you. For example, in the days and weeks ahead, we look forward to exploring topics such as service mesh, hybrid and multi-cloud, remote desktops for high performance workstations, and much more.

Do you have a topic or question you’d like to read about? Let us know: Tech.Blog@nttdata.com

Our most popular work is catalogued here and can now be found by searching the NTT DATA Tech Blog. For example:

  • A Tale of Two Container Migrations 
    Containers offer a wide variety of benefits. They are immutable, portable, lightweight, and efficient. Here is the story of two organizations’ journeys to cloud containerization and the lessons learned from their container migrations, including the importance of standardization and a culture of continuous evolution.

  • Networking at Scale with a Self-Service Network Solution 
    Unplanned account proliferation can create unneeded networking challenges. To tackle this challenge and achieve networking at scale, we share the four steps to developing a self-service pattern that will help you achieve a unified, secure, scalable, and extendable cloud foundation.

  • Seven Cloud Cost Optimization Resources
    With the help of several tools offered by the cloud providers themselves and some analysis, cloud cost optimization can be achieved. Read on for seven techniques to achieve greater cost optimization in the public cloud.

  • IT Governance in the Age of Cloud
    Ensuring policies and controls are consistently applied between old and new environments when migrating is vital to ensuring the goals of IT governance. From management to security, and from cost to performance, we share a strategic approach to achieving IT governance in the cloud.

  • Top 5 Microservice Design Points 
    There are several important technology and tool decisions teams encounter when 
    embarking on a microservice architecture. These decisions should be considered carefully as they have long-term implications for organizations on their cloud journey. Read the top five technology design points that should be considered in the planning stages to help avoid stumbling blocks and headaches down the road.  

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