Seamless and Flexible Payments for Multimodal Travel

The demand from customers and agencies to expand cashless operations has accelerated the move to more seamless payments and authentication arrangements. Whether commuting to work, attending a sporting event or visiting relatives, customers want to replicate the ease of the “tap and go” transactions they enjoy in other settings within the world of transport.

We put the customer at the center of network design and emphasize the individual and their specific travel needs. We empower the customer by supplying information and options to travel most quickly and affordably. Delivered to the customer within convenience, our solution combines transport options, maps, real-time data, booking capability and multi-payment options.

Expand Cashless Operations and
Accelerate Flexible Payments

Respond to increasing opportunities to reduce customer touchpoints,
both through infrastructure updates and by enhancing online options.
Allow a myriad of fare payment options, including mobile, smart watches,
debit and credit cards.

Our Services

Curb Management

Allow real-time reservations, monitor loading zone occupancy, and make payments for permits and permissions

Data Analytics and AI

To help agencies reduce costs, improve the customer experience, leverage interoperability and allow for future planning and technologies.

Parking & Road User

Offer convenient payment options for reserved and on-the-go parking arrangements.


Process transactions in real time and achieve predictive intelligence for more efficient operations and improved customer experience.


Allow customers to take control of their choice of payment across all DOT services.

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Fare Collection & Revenue Management