Following recent mergers and acquisitions activity, a U.S. aerospace firm realized it lacked cohesive analytics. With most analytics processes living in disparate silos within business units and isolated from other processes, the insights the company gained were limited.

The firm knew that to overcome limited analytics capabilities and leverage the power of AI to drive value, they needed a unified strategy. Leadership turned to NTT DATA’s Data and Artificial Intelligence team for help assessing the current state of the company’s analytical products and capabilities, and developing an AI strategy and roadmap — including priority use cases — for the next two to three years.

Business Needs

A U.S. aerospace company works with customers and partners to identify, design and deliver solutions that will redefine the future of aviation. In its quest to develop new and more advanced technologies the firm relies on analytics tools and processes, and the data behind them — both what it has in-house and what it gains through mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Following recent M&A activity, the company realized its analytics capabilities were neither cohesive nor extensive. Its limited analytics lived primarily in disparate silos within business units, isolated from other processes. Most business units were doing analytics manually, in ad hoc processes via Microsoft Excel. Any advanced analytics were conducted against a narrow scope of capabilities.

With access to data from newly acquired entities, the company felt it could bring to market a suite of new data and analytical products that could leverage the power of AI to drive value for the business.


$60M in annual revenue opportunities identified
  • Established an AI and data roadmap
  • Identified and prioritized 296 AI use cases


The company turned to NTT DATA to develop a cohesive AI strategy and roadmap. NTT DATA led a 12-week assessment of the aerospace firm’s data and analytics tools and capabilities.

As part of this process, NTT DATA’s team engaged and interviewed business consumers, subject-matter experts and product owners to assess the current state of the client’s analytical products, data and capabilities across four major areas: Flight Operations, Tech Ops, Flight Deck and Customer Programs.

NTT DATA worked with the client to establish an AI and analytics roadmap that prioritizes the firm’s efforts across the next two to three years. The team defined a strategy based on the value each capability would bring to the business and how it would coordinate with current and future foundational capabilities.

Thanks to NTT DATA’s assessment, the aerospace company identified 296 AI use cases that have the potential to deliver $60 million in annual revenue opportunities.

About the case study

A leading aerospace company designed an AI strategy and prioritized use cases, identifying $60 million in annual revenue opportunities.




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