NTT DATA is marking Earth Day by launching a new corporate sustainability strategy

  • April 22, 2024
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At NTT DATA we believe in Earth Day – every day. Sustainability is embedded in our DNA. It is a key component of our medium-term corporate management plan, which takes the long view on sustainability management.

Earth Day 2024 will be marked on 22 April with a goal to reduce the production and consumption of plastic. To coincide with this event, we’re launching our new corporate sustainability strategy, featuring “Planet Positive” as one of three strategic pillars.

A new corporate sustainability strategy

On 1 April, we heralded the start of a new era with the coming together of NTT Ltd. and NTT DATA under the NTT DATA banner as a global business and technology services powerhouse.

Now, we have created a unique market proposition, the Sustainability Business Office, marking the beginning of a new era. Bringing together Corporate Sustainability and Sustainability Business Development, we will lead by example in improving our own sustainability performance through net-zero emissions, engaging our people and using our technology to solve our sustainability challenges. Leading by example demonstrates our credibility and shows our clients how our sustainability business services and assets will help them achieve their sustainability goals.

The NTT DATA sustainability strategy is based on three pillars, each with a unique objective that aligns with our corporate sustainability goals. The prosperity of our business and society at large will depend on sustainability and sustainable practices. As a result, we recognize the importance of embedding sustainability into the fabric of our new entity as we come together as One NTT DATA.

Prosperity, Planet and People Positive

The three pillars of our corporate sustainability strategy are:

  1. Prosperity Positive
  2. Planet Positive
  3. People Positive

Pillar 1: Prosperity Positive

This pillar addresses the potential for our business and society to grow by using 100% sustainable services and solutions in the end-to-end NTT DATA value chain. Our goal is to generate 100% of our revenue from sustainable-by-design services and products by 2035.

An example: Our private 5G network for the City of Las Vegas is making roads safer and giving local children access to online resources.

Pillar 2: Planet Positive

The second pillar looks at how organizations can lead by example, to transform industries for good, using services and solutions in new ways that help to regenerate our planet. Our goal is to deliver net-zero emissions across our data centers by 2030, across our facilities by 2035 and across our value chain by 2040.

An example: NTT DATA’s headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, has been rated the most sustainable office in Europe due to its design and construction. In addition to highly efficient energy and water consumption, the building recycled 82% of construction waste and the interior design focused on reducing its carbon footprint by promoting the use of clean energy and eliminating plastic.

Pillar 3: People Positive

This pillar helps us to shape a better world for all by deploying NTT DATA’s digital capabilities to improve the livelihoods of diverse communities and contribute to creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society. Our goal is that all our employees will engage in sustainability activities. We aim to drive behavioral change by encouraging employees to act today.

An example: In 2024, NTT DATA was one of only 17 Global Top Employers worldwide to be recognized for their outstanding people policies and practices by the Top Employers Institute.

Celebrating Earth Day 2024

Earth Day is the world’s largest annual environmental movement marked by a collective call to action. This year, the theme is “Planet vs Plastics”, with the goal of achieving a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040.

Since the introduction of plastic in the 1950s, more than 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been produced, of which 79% now sits in landfills or polluting the natural environment. As the plastic breaks down, it releases tiny toxic particles creating harmful chemicals that seep into the soil and waterways, which are then ingested by wildlife.

We’re embracing employee engagement

NTT DATA is marking this important event by hosting an e-waste collection service between 22 and 28 April across 39 offices in 27 countries. E-waste is a global issue as consumer demand for new technology increases. Plastic makes up about 20% of e-waste but can be recycled for use in new materials such as briquettes in the steel industry. By collecting old technology, we will do our part in helping the planet.

It is our belief that every day should be Earth Day, and so our promise is to continue working toward a positive impact for the planet, people and society. We will provide sustainability business services to our clients as they accelerate their sustainability transformation and lead the way in the technology industry through our own actions and commitments.

Read more about how NTT DATA is realizing a sustainable future for all.

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David Costa-MirallesChief Sustainability Business Officer, NTT DATA, Inc.
As Chief Sustainability Business Officer, David is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive sustainability strategy (including ESG monitoring and reporting, regulatory compliance, sustainability projects portfolio, and external market services), that aligns with our values and long-term goals. David joined everis (now NTT DATA) in December 1997 and has held multiple executive roles: CEO (UK, Benelux, Eastern Spain), EMEAL Business development and NTT DATA Inc./EMEAL Sustainability. Prior to joining NTT DATA, David was with Andersen Consulting as Project leader/consultant of Processes and Technology in several sectors. David has developed a creative mind, emotional intelligence, and fortitude to deliver. This helps to make things happen, delivering growth and profitability for our clients and internally at NTT DATA.

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