Digital Twins: Revolutionizing Life Sciences Manufacturing and Pioneering Immersive Experiences

  • June 20, 2023

The Life Sciences manufacturing sector has become highly complex and digitized, making it essential to harmonize the cross-exchange of physical and digital information within the manufacturer's operations. To provide the efficient exchange of information between different value chain functions and stakeholders, a streamlined approach is necessary.

Bridging the gap in Life Sciences Manufacturing with digital twins

The sophisticated technology of digital twins is the savior for those in Life Sciences Manufacturing.

We often make use of 3D scanning technology to create a realistic digital twin of a facility or machine. This allows users to explore the environment in virtual reality (VR) or on any device, while simultaneously viewing live operational data. Spatial computing is a powerful computing platform that uses sophisticated sensors and algorithms to generate 3D or 2D maps of the physical world. Immersive experiences can be created through a variety of mediums, including extended reality (XR), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and interactive installations. Data for these experiences can range from live equipment readings to historical maintenance, audio, text, PDF or video feeds.

Digital twins go beyond traditional limitations, delivering personalized information that ranges from work order details to factory data, based on the user's position and desired business results. General managers can gain insight into the facility's performance. Operators gain assistance with asset maintenance. And executives can use digital twins to optimize the supply chain.

Digital twins can be equally potent when leveraged by the C-suite. Manufacturing executives can use digital twins to gain insight into complex production environments and derive real-time adjustments to production expectations. The data generated from digital twins allows a preemptive understanding of potential product defects, facilitates modifications to production lines, and enables the creation of improved product iterations.

Moreover, technological breakthroughs like AR and VR empower front-line workers to interact with digital twins more effectively, boosting service KPIs and asset uptime.

The intersection of digital twins, generative AI, and immersive experiences

Digital twins aren't the only technology-revolutionizing industries. Generative AI — a class of AI that includes ChatGPT and stable diffusion — promises to simplify the creation of digital twin simulations and 3D interactive experiences and environments. Thus democratizing the creative process. With generative AI, users can interact with simulations, digital twins and immersive environments in real time using natural language to obtain the information they need. This interconnectedness of technologies has pushed the boundaries, producing realistic, simulated worlds with a variety of potential applications.

In the Life Sciences industry, the ability to be creative and apply new skills is critical for innovation. Based on our experiences and recent research, when we leverage digital twin and VR to enable immersive experiences, we achieve the following outcomes:

  • Learners complete training 4X faster and 400% increase in long-term retention
  • Learners are 4X more focused
  • Trainees performed 29% faster and made 6x fewer errors
  • 9% better information recall and made 49% fewer errors
  • Learners are 3.75X more emotionally connected to content
  • 250% improvement in their ability to accurately complete a safety procedure

NTT DATA powered by CyberTwin platform: spearheading digital twin innovation

NTT DATA and CyberTwin have partnered to unlock the immense potential of digital twins and immersive experiences for businesses around the world. Through our collaboration, both organizations are offering their expertise to help organizations leverage the power of digital twins and immersive experiences to gain access to valuable data visualization.

NTT DATA’s technological prowess and innovative solutions allow companies to optimize their operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our collaboration enables businesses to fully integrate digital twin technology into their operations, bringing transformative changes from the factory floor to the executive suite.

The services involve detailed analyses, predictive insight and real-time adjustments to production processes, enhancing strategic decision-making, and driving business growth. Their digital solutions provide both a macro and micro-perspective of operations, empowering everyone from factory floor workers to the C-suite with actionable insight and data.

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize learning, allowing us to create automated content and provide personalized, engaging learning experiences. Through applying these advanced generative models, we can create a dynamic learning environment that adapts to real-time data and individual student needs. This will usher in a new era of education that offers more personalized and engaging learning experiences.

These enhanced AI learning experiences not only improve understanding of digital twin technology, but make sure that all stakeholders, including engineers to executives, can make optimal decisions using these digital representations. New facility, bioreactor, regulatory audit and inspection are applicable use cases for digital twin immersive experience training and virtual tours. You can learn more about the potential of this technology in Understanding Virtual Reality Tools for the Future of Work and get a tour of a Global Pharma Defect Training where applying a solution resulted in a 30% decrease in repeat defects once training was complete.

Breaking ground by merging technologies

Together, NTT DATA and CyberTwin would like to change the landscape of Life Sciences manufacturing by promoting using digital twins and immersive learning experiences. By merging these pioneering technologies, we are revolutionizing operational efficiency, data visualization, learning management and ultimately driving business growth and innovation. Pioneering immersive experiences represents a significant step forward in the digital transformation journey, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and redefining the future of industries.

Learn more about Learning Solutions in the Life Sciences industry.

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Tina HsinTing Liu

Tina (Hsin Ting) Liu is a strategic advisor for the NTT DATA healthcare industry. She has more than 20 years of deep expertise in healthcare digital transformation, applied intelligence, innovative solutions and practice growth. Prior to joining NTT DATA, Tina served various leadership positions at consulting firms focused on global IT solutions, large health systems, health plans and national actuaries. She is a CPA, holds an MBA and a design thinking certification from MIT.


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