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Did you know that 77% of ransomware was detected in four industry sectors? Or that 73% of malware attacks start with phishing emails? The numbers are staggering. In the recent “Global Threat Intelligence Report 2017” from NTT Security, researchers identified more than 6.2 billion attempted attacks over a 12-month period and monitored threat actors using nearly every type of attack.

With visibility into 40% of the world’s internet traffic, and the inclusion of data from the 10 SOCs as well as seven research and development centers, this report provides a highly accurate representation of the ever-evolving global threat landscape. The report also highlights the latest ransomware, phishing and DDoS attack trends, and demonstrates the impact of today’s threats against global organizations.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are more financially damaging than ransomware. The average cost of a ransomware incident is $700 USD, while the average BEC incident involves a loss of about $67,000 USD.

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