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NTT DATA’s Services Automation and Governance Ecosystem (SAGE) represents a unique construct for enterprise IT automation. A future-proof deployable solution that is built on a reference architecture, SAGE takes into consideration multiple facets of IT operations, management, technologies and stakeholder requirements. It is also surrounded by a mature and executable enablement methodology.

At its core, SAGE is built on a well-defined reference architecture, which provides the foundation for continuous integration of new technologies — without requiring major rework, creating vendor lock-in or risking obsolescence. Doing away with a one-size-fits-all approach supports automation, this model meets both tactic and strategic business needs, maintains the openness and flexibility of IT solutions, and is customizable for each client and industry.

In SAGE, we have built and integrated layers of technologies into the overall ecosystem

We have placed an equal emphasis on developing a foundational methodology

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By combining process engineering with mechanization, SAGE uses Lean Six Sigma methodologies to rationalize processes and standardize procedures. Post process engineering, mechanization activities transform the autonomics into fungible executions that can be ported across a variety of automation tools. Ultimately, you benefit from a near error-free process that provides instant, predictable outcomes.

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SAGE is our modular, flexible, scalable and deployable enterprise architecture for automation, designed to enable error-free and continuously self-adjustable automatic task execution with always predictable outcomes. Powered by machine-based and assisted learning engines, it provides orchestration that adapts, improves and evolves your IT infrastructure operations.

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Built on measureable principles that can be seen, measured and continuously improved upon, SAGE increases end-user productivity, accelerates service delivery, provides a predictable and quality-centric IT, and eliminates operational risk.

Unleash the power of SAGE

We have incorporated automation in almost every process and tool. Our enterprise architecture for automation is open, resilient, highly integrated and modular. Our execution strategy identifies where automation should be performed and enables the technologies to do just that.

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