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Make it easy to evolve and support your mobility needs

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Are your corporate IT management tools and processes struggling to keep up with the rapid adoption of mobile devices? 

Unlock and maximize the value of enterprise mobility.

Our Mobility and Telecom Services manage this influx through end-to-end capabilities that are focused on enterprise mobility, contract and invoice management, overall mobile security and telecom expense management. Take advantage of our services to:

  • Efficiently support users across multiple platforms and devices, either corporate or end-user owned
  • Ensure that end users access the right information, at the right time, and in the right place and context
  • Enable secure delivery and protection of confidential organizational and proprietary data
  • Reduce and optimize enterprise mobility and telecom expenses

Our solutions:

Mobile Device Management Services
Leverage industry-leading technologies and our expertise to automate and streamline the deployment and management of mobile devices and associated management infrastructure. For managed service configurations, we provide support for all mobile infrastructure components and their integration points into enterprise IT components such as messaging, security and various data sharing and collaboration platforms.
Telecom Expense Management Services
Provide you with an end-to-end, best practice approach to managing wireless spend. Our services use a proactive, technology-enabled approach to managing your telecommunications and drive considerable benefits, including enhanced operational efficiencies, spend visibility and improved organizational control of costs and assets. We help you manage contracts, procurement and order handling, telecom inventories, invoice processing and auditing, usage and rate optimization, payments and reporting.
Telecom Lifecycle Management Services
Standardize and simplify your organization’s telecom lifecycle management process. Our services streamline and automate processes, provide regular status updates on the product lifecycle, offer proactive change notifications and synchronize processes related to product transitions. Take advantage of effective product standardization and management to drive business efficiencies and relieve your management team of the day-to-day tasks involved with lifecycle management.