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Desktop Engineering Services

Empower your workforce with dynamic managed services

Increase the efficiency and reliability of end-user computing environments to securely deploy and maintain Operating Systems and applications.

End-user computing is not just about hardware management of laptops or desktops. It is also about supporting user access to services, applications and data on any device and at any time. In this multi-device world, organizations can no longer rely on the old ways of managing workplace devices.

Increase the reliability and performance of your end-user computing environment

To benefit from the transition to user-centric services, enterprises need to change their approach to end-user computing. End-user experience and workforce enablement is at the heart of our next-generation end-user services. With a unique blend of capabilities, assets and experience, our Desktop Engineering Services provide you with the skills, processes and technologies to remove the complexity of desktop engineering delivery, take advantage of cloud-based delivery models and increase the reliability and efficiency of your end-user computing environment.

Our Solutions:

Desktop Engineering Services

Leverage industry best practices to optimize the management of your endpoint devices. Ranging from application packaging to image and patch management, our methodologies and technologies maximize the use and benefit of automation and orchestration in overall workplace management. Our services are designed to enhance end-user experience and maintain high availability and performance, while optimizing end-user device lifecycle management costs.

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