Asset Management Services

Comply with audits and gain complete visibility of your IT assets lifecycle

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Gain insight of your hardware and software assets

You need to have the ability to know what assets you have, where they are, how they are used and how they are performing. Our Asset Management Services protect your organization’s environment and optimize hardware and software assets throughout their lifecycle to immediately align with your business regulatory and compliance requirements in a cost-optimized manner.
We provide a centralized, integrated, policy-driven and automated asset management function for your organizational IT assets to help you maximize their utilization, mitigate risks and ensure overall compliance.

Our solutions:

Hardware Asset Lifecycle Management Services
Track and optimize the usage of your assets throughout their lifecycle to reduce costs, improve compliance and mitigate risk. This process-centric approach — using IT Infrastructure Library v3 and International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) methodologies — enables management and accurate visibility into IT and business asset data elements from planning through disposal. Our hardware asset lifecycle management services provide solutions for inventory control and management, financial planning and management of procurement, contracts and changes.
Software Asset Lifecycle Management Services
Gain complete insights into software platforms usage and ownership. We meet your business objectives by supporting your industry compliance audits and enabling efficient procurement services and contract negotiations — to reduce overall IT costs associated with license purchases, usage and renewals. Take advantage of our software asset lifecycle management services to optimize your licensing models, decrease annual technology spending and reduce the time and effort required for software-specific audits.